Thursday, June 5, 2014

Top Secret ::: Skincare Routine

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I am a creature of routine and habit for the most part. That extends through most facets of my life, unrelated to diet and exercise, of course, but most definitely though my beauty regimen.  My skincare routine is pretty streamlined and doesn't really change too much, save for testing something new, or when I am on the retinoid rotation I discussed back in the Aloe post. Those simply add or subtract one or two steps within my regular routine.  

I have found that since I started really sticking to specific things, and not really changing things up--especially when I try new products, I only try out one at a time--that my face responds very well (or not, in the case of some products!) 

My routine is the most involved at night, and generally, my first step while getting into the shower, is to remove my makeup with two-three pumps of the DHC Cleansing Oil on my dry face, using dry hands. I emulsify and rinse well. Then I proceed with my shower, washing my hair and body. After I've shampooed, conditioned, rinsed well and washed my body, I wash my face with the LaMer Cleansing Gel, some days with the Alien Laser Death Ray Gun with the Luxe brush head (godsend. seriously.) and some days just with my hands.  

I recently picked up a Boscia Konjac Sponge and I've been alternating it with the Clarisonic and my hands and it's gone very well. I packed the Konjac sponge for our little trip last month because it saves more space than a Clarisonic and still gets my face clean.

Once out of the shower, I apply one pump of my One Love Organics Vitamin C Serum (I am just a few weeks into my 2nd bottle--that first bottle lasted me nearly a year!) to paper-towel blotted skin, I never use a body towel on my face. Sometimes when my face is "freaking out" I will skip the serum and speed the calming down.  I have rosacea and testing new products, weather, heat, all kinds of factors cause a flare. 

While that starts to sink in, I use the following few moments to detangle my wet hair (using that awesome Goody comb I mentioned a while back) and spray it with either the Acure Organics leave in, Honest Company leave in, or another product from Pureology (!!!) I am trying out based on a suggestion by Maskcara, and then put the wet mop up in the Aquis towel I've recommended in the past

Once I have the hair tucked up, I wash my hands well and dry with another fresh paper towel and apply a thin layer of the current retinoid in rotation (at present that is Differin 0.3%) to my skin and neck, including my undereye and eyelid areas. Since I use my retinoids for both acne control and anti-aging, and my eyes are showing my age now, I am careful to get a very thin layer especially under my eyes and on the outer corners. 

I allow the retinoid to dry down a little, usually about 15-20 minutes (the only one not in gel form is Tazorac, which I use the cream form of, and that doesn't really dry down, like, ever...) and then apply a nickel sized blob of Aloe Vera Gelly by Pharm-Aloe which I picked up at a natural foods store and spoke about in a previous post. I apply it thinly all over my face and neck where I applied the retinoid and let it dry.  

Usually then I'll take my hair down and comb it back out and apply a little blob of Prime by Living Proof, and go about my business for a little while, put my pajamas on, etc.  After about 15 more minutes, I'll wash my hands, dry with another paper towel and apply a little moisturizer over all. Depending on the weather conditions, that is either Chagrin Valley's Whipped Squalane or Mario Badescu Honey Moisturizer. If I am really dry or I am molting from the retinoids, I might press on a layer of regular Creme de la Mer or the lighter Soft Creme and seal it all in with a few drops of Rosehip or Argan oil

The very last step before I go to bed is to apply Latisse.

In the morning, my skincare routine is ridiculously short and simple: All I need to do is use one of my facial mists, currently La Mer or Mario Badescu (I loved the One Love Organics mist but I found I was reacting to one of the plants in it) to dampen my skin and apply a pump of the recently reformulated favorite Josie Maran SPF 47 Daily Moisturizer.  Personally, I preferred the last version of the Josie moisturizer because it had a better texture, but this still soaks in ok. That's it. Once that soaks in, I start on my makeup. 

I am presently testing two eye creams, using one in the morning and one at night, and those are not listed for obvious reasons.

I know a lot of folks balk at the paper towel "wasting" I do, but I find that they're more sanitary, and I just cannot deal with the thought of what is on my cloth towels in the form of creams, oils, residue and "skin bits."  I don't have the storage space in the house to store enough towels and washcloths, either.  

What does your routine consist of? 

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  1. one of my favorite posts of yours. i love my clarisonic (which i use cetaphil cleanser with) and im on my first ever retinoid (trying to stick it out) as im 4 years to 40 and those stupid youth days of "sun worship"& "hated greasy sunscreen" are starting to show! i did order the elizabeth dern and love that and the chargrin valley products. my mom also ordered the chargrin valley and loves it. thanks for a very informative post!

    1. Stick it out, it's worth it. PS you're four months older than me, cool it on the old comments because you look nowhere near our age.


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