Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Work in Progress :::

As you may have noticed, likely because I spammed the bejeez out of your Facebook and Twitter feed this time last week, I am in the process of giving myself the biggest migraine of my lifetime. I mean, migrating to Wordpress.   

What does this mean for you?  Simply put: you'll be viewing my posts on a hopefully prettier site at a domain name called in the coming weeks. 

It took me a few hours, and some tears, and a lot of expletives, but I finally got it going and imported all my current content.  I picked the simplest theme for now, and focused on backend management for the majority of that work.  My dear friend who is better at (everything) this kind of stuff than I am has saved my rear end, like, a lot, with this process.   That hideous video above is the result of several migraines and very little sleep (which I think anyone well versed in web/coding would be like "whatever, sissy!)

I had mentioned on Facebook that changes were coming, including migrating to, the domain which I have held in captivity for over a year now, waiting on my decision on whether I'd change platforms or not. It was not an easy decision, in part because there was a pretty good chunk of change involved in this migration. But I hope that we will all agree in the end that it was worth it.  

For now, everything will remain where it is, at least until I am sure everything is set up in a reasonably not hideous fashion, and it functions. I am trying to figure out the dashboard vs the Blogger dashboard.   When I am ready to pick it up over there, I will let you know here, and set up a redirect to magically send you right on over!

I appreciate your support in a way I am incapable of expressing, and I thank you all so very much for taking the time out of your lives to read what I have to share. 

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  1. how exciting! i truly enjoy your blog. and buy many of the products ;-p

    1. It's been a dangerous site to build for both of our budgets. :)

      Glad that you are enjoying it, I am a needy person, because I really crave the positive feedback of the readers like you! THANK YOU for your support!


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