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Fashion Fix ::: Stylish Passport Covers

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On my 36th birthday, I mosied in to the Main Post Office in steamy Downtown St. Louis and finally got myself a passport, complete with the single least flattering photo ever taken of me, probably in my life. (Note to the passport photographer: if you're shorter than the subject, get someone taller, or stand on something. Chin fat and jowls are not even something to joke about.)

Because my passport literally arrived on Wednesday (less than a month since applying, fyi, and I did not expedite it), complete with aforementioned horrendous photograph, I decided I should probably acquire a cover for this thing in order to keep it at least semi safe and a little more secure slash less obvious to onlookers. My husband is reading this thinking "yay one more thing for you to spend money on!"  It's security, dear! Really, it is! I just want it to look cute, in the process of being more secure.

Here are my top picks for passport cases, which all should go perfectly with my still amazing green Tumi travel wallet. And for those wanting a full on Travel Wallet, I picked a few cuties there, too.

Photos via: Graphic Image, Tiffany&Co, Cleobella, Nordstrom, 
Coach, Tumi, Henri Bendel, Kate Spade, Lodis

1 ::: Cleobella Mexicana Passport Holder available via Meg Biram's amazing shop, or (prices are not showing for some reason), or Cleobella directly.  Not buying the wallet or clutch has been a serious exercise in restraint, I might add.  I have a suspicion my resolve will eventually weaken on this collection. But what color will I choose?!

Speaking of--you seriously need to check out the posts on Meg's blog about her trip to Shanghai and Hong Kong. Oh the shopping I would do.

2 ::: Tiffany & Co's sleek silver leather passport holder with a tiny hint of Tiffany Blue stitching gives it a swanky feel.

3 ::: The Metallic Leather passport holder from Graphic Image gives a high end feel at a ridiculously reasonable price.

4 ::: Punchy brights from Graphic Image are easy to spot in a packed bag or travel wallet and add a fun pop of color.

5 ::: Jonathan Adler's fun airplane print in bright colors are guaranteed to start every trip off on the happiest note.

6 ::: A more "adult" version of fun colors from Coach's Bleeker line.

For those looking for a full on travel wallet, here are my favorites out in the market now:::

7 ::: One of the current Tumi offerings in a fun pop of orange at a great price. My now almost three year old green Tumi travel wallet that is very similar to the linked item is still in nearly mint condition and I use and abuse this thing daily.

8 ::: A heavy-metal studded option from Henri Bendel, a very underrated bag and wallet retailer. 

9 ::: A really large and in charge Kate Spade at a great price and in a gorgeous aqua. The layout in this is fantastic.

10 ::: Another high-end looking option from Henri Bendel (another couple colors here), with a different layout, and tons more room for tickets, boarding passes, and receipts from all your shopping excursions.

11 ::: A cool and unique option from Lodis that stores your documents in a pocket that folds down compactly into Passport Size with room for a few cards, as well.  There's an RFID-safe option of this same layout, as well.  Incredibly reasonably priced from a line of really nicely crafted leather goods.

Safe travels everyone!

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