Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tech Time ::: Skiva PowerVault

All photos by {accordingtoame}

A few weeks ago, I revealed a Top Secret that I absolutely adore:  Sonia's Travels.  One of the amazing discoveries I picked up from watching these incredible videos was the SKIVA PowerVault compact charger. 

Right before I went to order it, I tweeted Sonia to ask if she was between this and another in her video and she immediately tweeted back "skiva", which made it a no-brainer. 

Since ordering and receiving it about a month ago through their Amazon store, I carry it in my purse tucked inside my Petite Clarity, and keep it charged for emergencies and travel. It's just barely larger than a lipstick or two, and packs a full charge for the iPhone5S anyway, plus a little boost. 

It's compatible with both iPhone/iPad (iPhone5 and newer with a lightening connector) and Android/MicroUSB friendly devices--all in one handy unit!  In the image above, the USB port for charging and the Apple-Approved Lightning port for iDevices is on the left end, and the MicroUSB port is on the right.  All tuck in perfectly.  It is worth noticing what I said there above: APPLE APPROVED.  Apple doesn't approve all cables and accessories, and this is one of the few that IS approved by Apple. 

When I got it I wanted to test it out, so I let my phone run out and used it that night for my charge. It charged my literally dead phone from dead to 100% in just under 3 hours, and still had at least 25% left on the unit just in case I needed an emergency bump. I was pretty pleased.  I've used it to charge a few times since, at work usually since I try to let my phone get to 1% before charging whenever possible, or just kill it before charging.

As you can (possibly) see, when I plugged in my phone to the Skiva, it was at 1%, coasting on fumes.  It was 4:39pm. A full charge to when I took these pics at 98% took around 2 hours, since as you can see it was 6:36pm. 

It hit 100% around 6:45. That's with the signal on and with me making a phone call halfway through without disconnecting the charger. I've used it in Airplane Mode a couple times and it's significantly faster (as with any other charging setup.) 

To charge the SKIVA PowerVault before using or after you've used it to charge your phone, all you need to do is plug it into the USB port on your computer or the USB slot on the Apple charger block you got with your device and plug that into the wall and charge it to full. 

The lights on the side give an indication of the amount of power, and flash as it charges til it's fully charged. 

One light is 25%, two is 50%, three 75% and four is 100%, as shown.

It keeps that full charge for at least a month, and when you need it (on a plane or on the go) just pop it in the charging port on your device, press the little power button on the side, and let it go. You might need to remove your case, because it's not really "case friendly" for the cases similar to CandyShell and Otterbox. Since I use the CandyShell Flip right now, I just fold that bottom section back.  It charges faster if you are in Airplane mode, as with any charger, but you can get a full charge on an iPhone5S using about 50-75ish% of the full Skiva charge and have a little left to spare for an emergency.

I have several various backup power device options, but this is the first truly portable option with the power for a full charge.  Fantastic!

You can get yours through the Skiva store on Amazon for around $35. VERY reasonable!

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  1. great idea! i definitely need one as my battery dies too quickly. you are truly my go to girl!


    1. I try! ;)

      If you pick it up, let me know what you think. I like it a lot. It's not my primary charger but I will use it if I let my phone die on the road. You rely on your phone a lot for your surfing, etc., so this might work well for you.


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