Friday, June 6, 2014

Weekend Update ::: Honestly, though.

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So, it's been a full year (just over actually) since I "relaunched" {according to ame} with this slightly clean, new look.  I appreciate everyone's amazing feedback, and that you love the content I've created on my blog.  That means the world to me!

If you can believe it (I couldn't!), I have just short of 400 posts on this bad boy, plus another 50 drafts in progress.  I got rid of a bunch of horrible old posts, or updated them to be less horrible, and I laugh at the evolution of my old posts vs the new ones. If nothing else, the photos alone. I still suck at taking photos of myself for product reviews.

In the coming weeks (hopefully), I am hoping to refresh the look and make it a little cleaner, more professional, and more website-y vs a basic blog shell.  I also hope to transition this blog from being a .blogspot address to the domain I bought a while back,, in hopes I could transition to that address. All the posts should remain intact, and I will probably do the revamp before the redirect, so hopefully that goes smoothly and not too far down the line.  I have opted to "hire" a blog designer for now, because I just don't have the time or the knowledge to get that going on my own.  Before we proceed though, I am having a battle with myself over whether to remain on Blogger or switch to Wordpress and self-host. 

I have lots of posts going as usual, hopefully posting like the should be (you just never know with the scheduling button if it will!) so hopefully in the transition nothing will change or be lost!

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Among those 400 posts were a few about this awesome company, The Honest Company, founded by Jessica Alba and her partner Christopher Gavigan.

In totally amazing news, like, I actually squealed over this, The Honest Company's fabulous line of products will soon be popping up in Target stores everywhere, in the US anyway.  You should start seeing them around June 15.   They already have a few products in Costco stores here and there, as well as several in Nordstrom stores. But this is HUUUUGE.

I recently read a great interview with Jessica Alba, which is in the current Glamour  and one of the lines they used from a Honest Company meeting the interviewer sat in on, was that the "midwest is huge."  Yes, it is, and it's usually overlooked by major retail. We want nice stuff too, dammit, and usually we have to buy online or buy in other cities while on trips to get the nice stuff.  This distribution being not just through their website anymore is going to skyrocket this brand and give more people access to their seriously incredible products.

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I've spoken about this brand a few times on the blog. I've almost finished reading Jessica Alba's book The Honest Life (it's amazing, and I love how she speaks about life!) and I've really enjoyed seeing little blurbs about the company, including this feature on Racked about Jessica Alba's team's fashion at work, and a few great office tours, which I'll make a separate post.  Over the last year or so, I've transitioned quite a few of my regular products in the house and in my beauty closet to this brand. I cannot wait!

In the same breath...While we were in Texas last month, I had the good fortune to go on one of my Mother in Law's Meals on Wheels delivery routes.  It was another lesson in perspective.  It also made me rethink some of our plans for fun shopping later that trip and rethink some of my purchases.  My husband doesn't always read my posts on here, because really this is decidedly not his wheelhouse, but he read my perspective and gratefulness post and came in here and hugged on me because he was so proud.

Most of my mother in law's route consists of wonderfully sweet elderly people who simply cannot afford to eat and keep their homes paid for. They worked hard their entire lives to find themselves still well below the poverty line with whatever retirement savings they have left.  They live with the barest of minimums, and this is often their only meal for an entire day, or even sometimes weekend.  Every single person we visited, which also included some younger-than-expected Veterans, most of whole are regulars for her to visit, could not have been more delightful to speak with.  I learned about their families, what their plans for the upcoming long weekend were, and how excited they were to try out the meal we'd delivered to them.  They look so forward to the visits, probably as much as they do the food.

It makes me glad there are organizations like Meals on Wheels to make sure that these people, and all the others on the other delivery routes, have that meal delivered, and that they have a few minutes to chat with the people making the delivery. I like to think it brightens their day, and that they get to look forward each week to seeing my awesome Mother in Law.

If you can't be part of delivering the meals on a route, donate to the organization here, to keep the funding going.

On the opposite end of that spectrum, many of us have more than enough to eat, especially me, and have what they'd probably call an addiction to sugar, especially me.  I recently saw the trailer above for the new documentary FED UP from Laurie David and we're planning to check it out at the theater, because I need a reason for my head to explode, I think.

My husband and I both could use a serious change in dietary intake, I know especially we could withstand cutting some sugar out.  We've both strongly considered signing up for the "Fed Up Challenge" to cut sugar from your diet for 10 days.  That almost seems doable.  Jacey did it. Then again, she's a specimen of amazing figure, and runs a lot. I don't have either in my favor...but let's see if I can handle it.  I typed that right before my husband and I agreed to go for Mexican. 

Have a great weekend!

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