Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tech Time ::: Totally Brilliant --- Kickstarter + MoMA

Images via Kickstarter Blog and MoMA Design Store Kickstarter shop

Because I haven't introduced you to enough Kickstarter campaigns lately, let me introduce you to a couple more Kickstarter projects I wish I'd backed last year, which I recently happened upon thanks to a the Kickstarter Design Store collaboration with MoMA.  

There are several really neat ideas in this store, that I believe only runs for another month, but the Gigs2Go, in particular, got my attention immediately.   This item would've saved my ass needing to send big files so many times at the Agency (prior to Dropbox!) and I can see so many practical purposes for its use now that don't require me to use my Dropbox space. 

The idea is simple: four small flash drives housed in a recyclable cardboard card, in three memory sizes: 4x1gb, 4x2gb and 4x4gb (meaning there are 4 flash drives of each 1GB, 2GB or 4GB capacities per card.) You tear one off, insert it into your USB drive, transfer the material you need transfered, and viola! You have a small flash drive that you can send or pass along to someone as needed, or use as a backup in addition to a CD/DVD backup you already have. You can easily label each drive with a marker or pen, as well.

Another totally insane project in this store that I wish I had backed is the Impossible Instant Lab. The developers of this product actually "bought" Polaroid's film business after they decided to shut down, to keep the thrill alive for the Polaroid collectors.  

This project though, was a brilliant idea to get your iPhone images onto "paper." Essentially, you place your iPhone on this collapsible scanner-type device, and after selecting the photo you wish to print via their accompanying app, it will print that photo as a Polaroid picture.  For those who wish they had a cool hard copy of specific images, perhaps of Instagram photos you've taken, this would be a killer idea. 

I am DYING to buy this gizmo, and trying in vain to not click the "buy" button right this minute.  

Brilliant. Genius. You can order your own from the MoMA Design Kickstarter Store, or through the Gigs2Go website and Impossible Camera site directly.  To check out the rest of the products in the MoMA Design Kickstarter Store, click here!

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