Friday, May 31, 2013

Product Line to Check Out: ONE LOVE ORGANICS

I read about this line, One Love Organics, about maybe 2 months ago on BeautyBets, when I was looking for a new Vitamin C serum to replace the Mario Badescu I had been using, and found only "meh", in part due to the propylene glycol in it, and in part due to it just not seeming to really *do* anything.  It also didn't seem to place nice with retinoids or any of my other products.

I picked up a bottle of the Vitamin C Serum along with a few samples of the other items, and started in on them. So far my absolute favorite IS the Vitamin C. It's a cushy texture, not at all what I expected for some reason...and nothing like the Mario Badescu which for lack of a better description was kind of like rubbing alcohol in a dropper bottle.  This stuff is dreamy on the face and smells DIVINE. I apply one pump right out of the shower after cleansing, and rub it in all over (I probably should press?) and down my neck. Once that sets in, I apply a tiny amount of the Vitamin E eye balm, and then my moisturizer if I'm "patchy" or "molting" from retinoids. Then I'm done. I did have some trial and error in the beginning to figure out if I needed one pump or two.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I probably should stay off of Kickstarter...

I am seriously addicted to Kickstarter. It's becoming an issue. I have an Amazon account strictly to pay for the items I back on there!  

I seem to have a tendency to be on a mission for the latest little iPhone gadget, a stand of some kind, an alert bracelet of some kind--something that flashes when you get a message so you can keep your phone in your purse and know if you got a text without checking (if it was not so bulky...), a little contraption to set your phone up in to use a scanning app without having to contort yourself to hold it still...It works on more than just iPhones, it works on a few Android models too, though I believe the app for both variants of the "clap to snap" are still in development, with the iOS variant to come out first.  

My latest obsession is this little thing called KeyProp, which comes with a "clap to snap" app. 

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


So besides doing a blog cleanup and overhaul, I am doing a house cleanout and overhaul. We've had some water problems in the basement again, and therefore the basement is generally not usable. So anything that is not in a plastic container, or set up off the floor, gone! What we knew needed to be brought upstairs, I packed into new containers and moved up to the living room. Which means we now have our living room, dining room and my office overrun with...stuff.

I'd like to just blame the basement, but it's more than that. I think we're hoarders! We're packrats!  I am bad, I know I am. I stockpile stuff I love. I love Navy Converse slip ons, so when I find the men's no-fray, I buy them in my size en masse.  Plus the two pair of blue dot Marrimekko pairs I got--Hello Spring!. Plus Uggs (*shame*), Frye's I seem to never wear, and some Cole Haan Flats that deserve more wears. And...don't shun me, fashion gurus...CROC FLATS. They're not THAT hideous. Most people--even my most fashion forward friends--have begged to know where they are from! They're great for walking. There I said it.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The process has begun!

Obviously the old is coming off to make way for the new! I have gotten a bit of great feedback, some stung, all was constructive.  I am going to be scaling way back on the reviews, don't worry I won't delete any, but I am just going to (try) to make them shorter, and try to do "less" of them and more overall. Any  reviews Ill try to do as "jump" so you have an overview on to top and then click to see more.

The theme/look is  changing, I took the cheesy stock blogger theme off and just made it plain for now, while I work on the logo and layout. Hopefully within the next month or so that will launch.  I have set up a twitter which I am semi-active on (I fail so hard at twitter!) @accordingtoame, and an instagram that is noticeably barren as of now (I fail equally hard at instagram, Kim Kardashian, I am not!), also @accordingtoame, Pinterest, again @accordingtoame (expect much more failure there, too!) as well as a Facebook page, which isn't entirely active yet so I won't link to that, that should be According to Ame as well.  Setting up all the social media is reminding me that in my literally almost 35 years of life ( the big 35...) I am becoming some kind of fuddy duddy or something!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Changes a'comin...

So after talking with a few other bloggers I admire, and a few friends who read this nonsense and weighed in, and my husband, I have decided to try to take this thing more seriously, and actually make this blog more than reviews, and more "lifestyle oriented". I am also going to do a full on new look, and make it look less "I picked a theme that didn't make me barf from what Blogger offered" and more "I actually designed this myself".   I know a few people probably just gagged and rolled their eyes and said "enough of THAT drama, there's a milllllllion of those already!" But I like to think I have decent taste, despite looking how I look, sounding how I sound, and acting how I act...and I'd like to make this thing a little more "cool stuff I found, I tried, I ate, I saw...etc". Than just product features.

I do plan to keep my reviews up, Ill probably just make them a subsection.  I also intend to keep doing them. But I don't want to keep this just beauty, because I am into more than just beauty. I am a designer by trade, and I love to see and buy well designed and well packaged items. I love a gorgeously designed space (especially offices, probably because mine looks like a bomb went off...let's be real though, my whole house does!)

So...if you think this idea sucks, or is great, or have ANY input, I'd like to hear from you. Leave a comment below. I really wanna know.  Even if its to tell me you think I cuss too much. Ill probably ignore that last part ;)