Monday, May 27, 2013

The process has begun!

Obviously the old is coming off to make way for the new! I have gotten a bit of great feedback, some stung, all was constructive.  I am going to be scaling way back on the reviews, don't worry I won't delete any, but I am just going to (try) to make them shorter, and try to do "less" of them and more overall. Any  reviews Ill try to do as "jump" so you have an overview on to top and then click to see more.

The theme/look is  changing, I took the cheesy stock blogger theme off and just made it plain for now, while I work on the logo and layout. Hopefully within the next month or so that will launch.  I have set up a twitter which I am semi-active on (I fail so hard at twitter!) @accordingtoame, and an instagram that is noticeably barren as of now (I fail equally hard at instagram, Kim Kardashian, I am not!), also @accordingtoame, Pinterest, again @accordingtoame (expect much more failure there, too!) as well as a Facebook page, which isn't entirely active yet so I won't link to that, that should be According to Ame as well.  Setting up all the social media is reminding me that in my literally almost 35 years of life ( the big 35...) I am becoming some kind of fuddy duddy or something!

I got some great input from The B Bar and it's publications. The B Bar is run by two fabulous "bartenders", Meg Biram and Victoria McGinley, who are both bloggers and multi-faceted (and multiple) business owners that I respect and follow (stalk?) the blogs of. Meg has a column on her blog called GSD that I have been obsessed with since it's inception and it has given me amazing ideas in how to get my life together AND my business better streamlined, and some of it's contributors have introduced me to new apps and websites I had not even heard of that became the greatest parts of my arsenal. (Please don't judge my website too harshly, it's well overdue for a revamp, I have been backburnering that for other things, especially to keep the focus on brides I work with and their designs!)

I have a timeline on the process, so assuming my web development and design phase sticks on my schedule and life throws me no curveballs on the way, look to see the new, and improved, According To Ame launching soon!

Like I said before--ANY input, please share. Be it here, Twitter, or if you know me outside of my blog, there works too! I'd really like to hear it.

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