Friday, May 24, 2013

Changes a'comin...

So after talking with a few other bloggers I admire, and a few friends who read this nonsense and weighed in, and my husband, I have decided to try to take this thing more seriously, and actually make this blog more than reviews, and more "lifestyle oriented". I am also going to do a full on new look, and make it look less "I picked a theme that didn't make me barf from what Blogger offered" and more "I actually designed this myself".   I know a few people probably just gagged and rolled their eyes and said "enough of THAT drama, there's a milllllllion of those already!" But I like to think I have decent taste, despite looking how I look, sounding how I sound, and acting how I act...and I'd like to make this thing a little more "cool stuff I found, I tried, I ate, I saw...etc". Than just product features.

I do plan to keep my reviews up, Ill probably just make them a subsection.  I also intend to keep doing them. But I don't want to keep this just beauty, because I am into more than just beauty. I am a designer by trade, and I love to see and buy well designed and well packaged items. I love a gorgeously designed space (especially offices, probably because mine looks like a bomb went off...let's be real though, my whole house does!)

So...if you think this idea sucks, or is great, or have ANY input, I'd like to hear from you. Leave a comment below. I really wanna know.  Even if its to tell me you think I cuss too much. Ill probably ignore that last part ;)

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