Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Super cute story: LOVE!

OMG! This is the sweetest story about a couple spending their 60th anniv. at the Waldorf and paying what they paid for the room in 1950! Love like this does exist out there. :-)
It was a memento of their first night as man and wife: a receipt for $26.72 from the Waldorf-Astoria, where Edith and Robert Scalise began their life of wedded bliss.
Exactly 60 years later, the 85-year-old lovebirds checked into the famed Park Ave. hotel for the second time in their lives - and paid not a penny more.

Monday, June 28, 2010

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Tower Tacos, Cherokee @ Michigan

My husband and I ventured down to Cherokee Street yesterday, a small strip in St. Louis known for antique shops, head shops and fantastic authentic Mexican restaurants. It was his first time and probably my 2nd or 3rd in my life. 


I had heard great things about this place, and decided today would be a great time to go for lunch.  Perhaps I planned that kind of poorly in the regard that it was PACKED down on Cherokee Street, and all of the restaurants were just swarming with people to watch the Mexico-Argentina soccer game.  I am not at all following the World Cup so had I been I might have known better...Woops.  But we were able to sit, and order, while waiting a little longer than normal to do so.

Friday, June 25, 2010

PRODUCT RAVE: Edy's Fruit Bars, Coconut Flavor

YUM!  I love them. I have eaten 3 in rapid succession. They're at least modestly good for me...120cal each with protein in them.

MORE ETSY LOVE: Some TO DIE FOR Clutches, perfect for a wedding.

I came across this seller today when I was bored at work, and looking for reasons to blow money. I think this is pretty amazing reason! Really the four below are all pretty amazing reasons!  I LOVE them, I wish I had checked into this prior to the wedding.

A REALLY COOL IDEA FOR A WEDDING: "In Case of Emergency" box

This would be BRILLIANT for a shower gift I bet. I remember hearing about these a few months prior to my wedding, and wish I had remembered to do it for mine, and especially as a gift for friends or my sister's wedding.  The person in this story had the box made by her uncle.  It is brilliant.

...Though for the husband and I, it would have been a Pina Colada or something. We're not wine people really. We really don't even drink. So maybe Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Dew...?

Either way, REALLY great idea!

ETSY LOVE: Necklush...looks really cool!

I spotted these on Etsy today, they look pretty fascinating. It's like a scarf necklace combo. I might have to get one for later in the year.

Ill be honest, the first person I thought of when I saw them was Anna. She liked scarves, and she brought me back the most amazing one ever from Greece, which I still wear in the winter. Got lots of compliments in NYC!

If anyone gets one I want photos!

Doh...helps to show one!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Followup on the Spa Day at Vitality Unlimited Spa in Webster Groves MO

Well I am just a few hours past my spa day experience and I will give them a B overall as a spa. I was pretty pleased with the majority of it, and my negatives are mostly little niggling things and one big thing.

I got there about 15 minutes early, as I was asked to do, and apparently the rocks for my massage were not ready. So to kill time before that they brought me back to this room all the way at the back (this place is deceptively massive). They asked if I was interested in this T-Fit Vibration thing they had. Supposed to be a 1 hour workout in 10 minutes. Since it was a time killer and looked both fascinating and hilarious, I said OK. And it was certainly both. The 1hour workout is going to have to reveal itself tomorrow or Monday because otherwise my opinion is BS but it was fun and funny. Luckily I was alone. However, while I stood there letting my flubber jiggle all around me, I saw a woman (employee) walk up to that door with a McDonald's bag trying to get in. I don't think she saw me.  At this moment it was about 5 minutes past 10. So as it finished I grabbed my purse and wandered back up front, and discovered that that was my masseuse. Whether the stones were ready or not, I think she was just late. Either way...whatever.

Product Review: OPI Axxium


Since I have given Shellac a review, I figured I better go do a real OPI Axxium one. They are similar products, though the way they go on is entirely different.  I truly hope this version lasts on me better than the Shellac, though I don't recall my initial Axxium experience being too positive. My mom gets Axxium done on her hands and feet and loves it. I keep wanting to make my hands look less like gross, but the upkeep tends to be too much for me. I am not a lotion person, at all. Hate it, makes me feel gross. Kind of like sweat...I feel trapped in a shell or something.

Hopefully this experience is nice, and lasts a little longer. I need to make sure my photos work again this time. My Shellac ones have not been showing up for me on here.

Friday, June 18, 2010

PRODUCT REVIEW: Juicy Couture Travel Wallet


On the prowl for a new wallet (which I do not need), I ended up finding this on sale at Nordies website during the sale, and used one of my many Nordstrom gift cards for it. It was pretty steep considering it's not solid leather, but since it was a gift card I went for it. I believe it was $108 with shipping and I had it in like 2 days. It's stuffed to the gills and despite my dislike for zippers on my wallets like this, I am actually really liking this one a lot. I got this green one. In fact its on sale now even cheaper so I might buy another as backup. I love that the big zip pouch actually detaches from the wallet, which is great for traveling. I need to snap some "stuffed" photos.

It's available in this green and in hotpink also.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am super excited for this Spa Day on Saturday!

The wonderful husband got me a great birthday gift, a spa day at the Vitality Unlimited Salon in Webster. I am really excited. I was going to do it two weekends ago, but decided to wait til after the wedding and some training to really treat myself. Id say a weight loss reward but I have eaten like a fat man at a buffet this week so I am not so sure there is much loss to speak of. 

The package consists of a La Stone Massage, Any Specialty Facial and a Seasonal Pedicure and I am most excited about that Stone Groping. Massages are the bomb anyway, but a rock one? Pretty snazzy. Really all I should do in these things is get one of each massage all back to back. Who could get tired of someone just rubbing them all day. I'd need someone to pick me up and carry me out. Heaven.

The pedicure sounds fascinating. I don't know what makes it seasonal though. Fruit? Margarita? Hot pink polish?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Congrats to the happy couple! Some preliminary vendor reviews...

My sister and her wonderful fiancee, Tony got married this past Saturday. Other than some really typical St. Louis random weather it was lovely. And we got to have some Drewes, which always is a bonus.

Follow the jump for the reviews!