Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am super excited for this Spa Day on Saturday!

The wonderful husband got me a great birthday gift, a spa day at the Vitality Unlimited Salon in Webster. I am really excited. I was going to do it two weekends ago, but decided to wait til after the wedding and some training to really treat myself. Id say a weight loss reward but I have eaten like a fat man at a buffet this week so I am not so sure there is much loss to speak of. 

The package consists of a La Stone Massage, Any Specialty Facial and a Seasonal Pedicure and I am most excited about that Stone Groping. Massages are the bomb anyway, but a rock one? Pretty snazzy. Really all I should do in these things is get one of each massage all back to back. Who could get tired of someone just rubbing them all day. I'd need someone to pick me up and carry me out. Heaven.

The pedicure sounds fascinating. I don't know what makes it seasonal though. Fruit? Margarita? Hot pink polish?

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