Monday, June 28, 2010

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Tower Tacos, Cherokee @ Michigan

My husband and I ventured down to Cherokee Street yesterday, a small strip in St. Louis known for antique shops, head shops and fantastic authentic Mexican restaurants. It was his first time and probably my 2nd or 3rd in my life. 


I had heard great things about this place, and decided today would be a great time to go for lunch.  Perhaps I planned that kind of poorly in the regard that it was PACKED down on Cherokee Street, and all of the restaurants were just swarming with people to watch the Mexico-Argentina soccer game.  I am not at all following the World Cup so had I been I might have known better...Woops.  But we were able to sit, and order, while waiting a little longer than normal to do so.

I bet on any other day this is a super fast in and out meal, today was not.  But that's fine because we weren't doing a whole lot today.  And while we waited we got to watch the game, and the husband got to cheer along with the crowd.

I had the tacos al pastor, which were awesome, though I would love the grilled pineapple that I almost always have had with them elsewhere.  My husband had the Pollo Chorizo, which I am absolutely having next time. Both of us were very pleased, but his was the winner winner.  Despite the speed of service being a little slow due to just how busy they were, we were very happy with our experience.  And I had a real mexican coke, real sugar, in a real bottle.  Id like the salsa more if it was blended more (it was like...pico in a dish of seasoned water), but it was still amazing, and while the chips were a little stalish, they were still good enough that we ate the whole basket.  I just like my salsa to be more like Casa's or at the very least more dense.  But the flavor of it was incredible!

This is one we want to go back to for sure, and I am totally getting that Choripollo or whatever it's called.  Who can pass up sausage on top of the most amazingly cooked chicken breasts and doused in a hearty dose of some DELICIOUS cheese sauce?!!  And the beans were amazing on the side also. I kept stealing his food. 


  1. Where do you go that Mexican's use pineapple on their tacos?

  2. my favorite is el agave (formerly las margaritas) on watson in restwood.


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