Saturday, June 19, 2010

Followup on the Spa Day at Vitality Unlimited Spa in Webster Groves MO

Well I am just a few hours past my spa day experience and I will give them a B overall as a spa. I was pretty pleased with the majority of it, and my negatives are mostly little niggling things and one big thing.

I got there about 15 minutes early, as I was asked to do, and apparently the rocks for my massage were not ready. So to kill time before that they brought me back to this room all the way at the back (this place is deceptively massive). They asked if I was interested in this T-Fit Vibration thing they had. Supposed to be a 1 hour workout in 10 minutes. Since it was a time killer and looked both fascinating and hilarious, I said OK. And it was certainly both. The 1hour workout is going to have to reveal itself tomorrow or Monday because otherwise my opinion is BS but it was fun and funny. Luckily I was alone. However, while I stood there letting my flubber jiggle all around me, I saw a woman (employee) walk up to that door with a McDonald's bag trying to get in. I don't think she saw me.  At this moment it was about 5 minutes past 10. So as it finished I grabbed my purse and wandered back up front, and discovered that that was my masseuse. Whether the stones were ready or not, I think she was just late. Either way...whatever.

She lead me back to the treatment room, and I got ready and under the sheets. She came back in and we got started. She explained what she would do and told me that if they were too hot to tell her, not to be brave. When the first one touched me I told her to cool them off. lol. After that, it was heaven for an hour and a half.  She would do random "holistic" things, things I would find hippy dippy and bizarro. Like, touching my forehead in 5 taps. It was always in 5s. There is probably a whole reason for all that, I just thought it was kind of funny and odd. The whole thing flew by and honestly she could've gone all damn day, especially on my back and neck and then my feet. Normally I am really ticklish but whatever she did was not at all tickly.  She also used a few cold stones (holy god they were cold) around my lower back and neck which alternated with the hot ones was nifty.

The ONLY downer about this part was that she clearly was a smoker. You could smell it. It wasn't really obvious, but her breath was VERY noticeable with smoke. Only when she was near my face did it bother me, but I never said anything about it.

Do note that a stone massage is not in any way super quiet, they clink, but I was damn near sleeping a few times so it didn't bug me a lot.  I should have mentioned to her to focus mostly on my lower left area of my back. But hindsight...

After the massage,  I was brought to the facial room. The facial was the big negative from me. The facialist's name was Bonnie. This woman didn't seem to know what I paid for, and was all about the hard sell and being extremely condescending. She kept going on and on about all the other options for a facial and I told her outright three times what my gift certificate was for. At which point she pulled out the "disgust" that I dared be gifted with a treatment there, and her attitude changed towards me, as if she knew there was no way to make more money on me. I did agree to a slightly pricier Oxygen facial ($15 more) because I had heard about it being good for sensitive faces. But her salespitch knew no bounds. And her attitude about my current skincare routine, including my retinoids, was REALLY unacceptable. To call her a bitch was an understatement.  She spent at least 5 minutes scolding me on who I "chose" for my massage, making sure I knew she also did it also and was better, for "next time".  I just stared at her with a "you must be kidding" face and no verbal response.  I did mention this to the receptionist and may email the salon about it.  Anyway...noticing her sales pitch and pushiness and scolding was lost on me, she seemed very rushy about her applications of all the various things, and she didn't seem to realize she was getting things in my eyes and mouth, with how roughly she applied them, it was as if she wanted me out of there as quickly as humanly possible, without regard for actually doing it correctly.  But she would leave the masks and stuff on for a while and leave, and being able to just drift off was great.  The less she was in there, the better because the comments she would make were stressing me out.  The weirdest part of this was the oxygen part. She blew this really cold air all over for a while, and then put the most hysterical plastic face thing on me to trap the new blowing. I slept through part of that.  In the middle of it all were extractions. There's just no way to do those without me wanting to stab you in the eye with the extractor tool. They hurt, they always hurt.  She needed to spend hours on my nose but I couldn't have handled that.

All in all it was fine after I was done, I know she got stuff all over so I fully expect zits everywhere this week, but her bedside manner sucked and I don't need the salespitch about your whole skin care line and why my dermatologist sucks and I should see you instead.  There's absolutely no excuse for making comments about my retinoids and my age and how my skin is horrid and seeing you every other week for a facial would make me look flawless. Especially with your snotty tone.

Afterwards I got dressed, which required ME to close the door, as she left it wide open for me to get my naked butt off the little bed. I went out for my Seasonal Pedicure. This was pretty much heaven, which is unreal coming from ME, a non pedicure non nail person with tickly feet.  The seasonal part is the smelly salts, scrubs, masks and lotions. Smelled like pina colada. I wanted to lick my foot.  This girl was AWESOME. She was relaxing, sweet and very thorough, a total opposite of the guy at TopLine last week who did a horrid job and required me to redo it myself the night before the wedding.  My feets look lovely, and we experimented with the color so it's pretty cool. These are as nice as my feet are probably capable of ever looking.

So I give it a B because most of it was awesome, but next time Ill skip the facial there and go see Ms. Judith.

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