Saturday, June 19, 2010

Product Review: OPI Axxium


Since I have given Shellac a review, I figured I better go do a real OPI Axxium one. They are similar products, though the way they go on is entirely different.  I truly hope this version lasts on me better than the Shellac, though I don't recall my initial Axxium experience being too positive. My mom gets Axxium done on her hands and feet and loves it. I keep wanting to make my hands look less like gross, but the upkeep tends to be too much for me. I am not a lotion person, at all. Hate it, makes me feel gross. Kind of like sweat...I feel trapped in a shell or something.

Hopefully this experience is nice, and lasts a little longer. I need to make sure my photos work again this time. My Shellac ones have not been showing up for me on here.
My craziness aside, I am almost finished with my summer weddings this year and til I start on fall wedding assemblies, I wanted to give this another go. I can't do nail attempts during wedding season, I learned that a while back and the Shellac experience was a big part of it.

I made the appt with Mandy at the Beauty Brands in Brentwood, not entirely convenient but worth it. She did a FANTASTIC job. We mixed two shades, on the bottom layer it was Pink Before You Leap, a REALLY fun glittery shade of pink. Then over that a layer of Bubble Bath, an almost clear pink shade. I LOVE the color.  Its just barely noticeable, almost imperceptible shimmer.  I am very pleased with how well she painted it on, it's thick stuff. I am going to pay attention to it over the next few days.  They claim 3 weeks, I am happy with 1. I made an appt for removal/redo in two weeks again to see how this goes.

(awful) Pic of how they look today, nearly 24 hours after the initial application--NO LIFTING yet. Which is already a bonus.

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