Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another "long term" review on the way...Phyto Phytophanere Supplement


I had read a few reviews about these vitamins an how they helped folks with hair that sheds like crazy. So since I was returning the La Mer foundation powder (*sobs*) I figured id use some of the credit on this.

This was $50 for a 120 cap bottle--a 60 day supply--and I will begin taking this tomorrow morning. 2 caps a day in the morning. They are effectively fish oil and biotin, etc. But since I don't take any vitamins Im sure this is  better than nothing!

I will try to track any nail/hair growth changes as well, as I am sure those are also benefits.

Another La Mer update--Had to stop using the foundation...

Well, unfortunately I gave up on the Powder Foundation which makes me sad.  I kept getting serious oil slicks and it was making me nervous that it was the moisturizer, etc. But it was definitely this. I went without it for a day and could tell a difference then skipped a few more and had no oil slicks. I thought the heat was impacting it but it didn't seem to be making enough of a difference.

So today I returned it. But so far so good on the rest. The lotion might be the best item of them all.

Friday, August 5, 2011

LA MER UPDATE: 2 weeks in

I want to thank Cathy again, she just loaded me up with a few more samples to test out.

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So for about two weeks now, I have been using the Regenerating Serum (at night), the Eye Concentrate (morning, night), and the Creme (night) and Lotion (day) for about 2 weeks now. So far I am pretty pleased. My face hasn't done any weird freaking out stuff yet. And is actually looking fabulously clear, better than it's looked in a while. Which I am both happy about and kind of annoyed about since this stuff is majorly expensive.  

PRODUCT REVIEW: Touchback Brow Marker (Auburn)

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I was wandering through the Soft Surroundings one night and happened upon this item. I had been looking for a marker like this for my brows but none came in a red shade til I saw this.  I immediately snatched it up, for I think $20. I have been using it now for about 2 months, and I am pretty pleased.