Friday, August 5, 2011

LA MER UPDATE: 2 weeks in

I want to thank Cathy again, she just loaded me up with a few more samples to test out.

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So for about two weeks now, I have been using the Regenerating Serum (at night), the Eye Concentrate (morning, night), and the Creme (night) and Lotion (day) for about 2 weeks now. So far I am pretty pleased. My face hasn't done any weird freaking out stuff yet. And is actually looking fabulously clear, better than it's looked in a while. Which I am both happy about and kind of annoyed about since this stuff is majorly expensive.  

I had been using the creme during the day but that's way too much this summer, it's so gross out it just slides off.  Usually my face despises serums and the like but so far so good. I haven't noticed any of the little rashlike whitehead things I get, rather any more than normal. And my hands feel awesome too. It doesn't wash right off entirely with soap and water like most stuff does, and it also doesn't feel gross like most do if you don't wash your hands afterwards.  I also just got a small sample of the Moisturizing Gel Cream which is fabulous on a nasty hot day like we've been having. I used it the last two days just to see, and I like it a lot. So that's a good summer day moisturizer.    She also gave me a sample of the body lotion, which is lovely, though Ill only use it on my hands since I am weird about lotion. I feel dirty and sweaty. I know, Im nuts.

I think the thing I noticed more than anything was how my undereyes look. It might be me just talking myself into it, but it almost seems like my circles are less beaten looking, and slightly smoother skin. I know there's really no repairing I can do to that area after 33 years of spackle around there, but they seem like they look less my age and a little less dark. So even if it's my brain telling me that and it's not really true, Ill take it.

I don't mind the concealer, though it is not quite opaque enough for me, and I layered it with a few things to get more coverage. It does seem to stay put ok, though I have creasing issues.  The texture is really nice, almost moussey.

The foundation powder I like, though I think it's too hot even for that right now and my oil breakthrough is ridiculous. Coverage is nice, it might be a hair too dark if I use the sponge.  I have been using a translucent oil absorbing powder OVER it to try to matte myself down a little and that is helping.  It's 95$ a compact and I don't know if Ill be rebuying it simply for cost. The compact is gorgeous, and the texture and feel of it is divine.

The biggest thing I like about all of these facial products is texture, and that they absorb SO well. I am normally not so good with my routines, or should I say even sticking to anything. I can't even take medication properly. So slathering stuff on with any sort of regularity is amazingly impressive.

I will be continuing on this adventure for a while like that Latisse one, and hopefully will have some better news soon.  Or I guess, worse if you wanna consider my wallet into that equation.  I will say that I feel fancy using these items. That's always nice. Especially since I look like a polished turd in my day to day life ;)

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