Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I MIGHT be a stalker. Just maybe.

So today I called Nordstrom to hopefully grab another pair of those CJ Cookie Johnson Beautiful Bootcut jegging things I got a couple of at the Anniversary Sale. I asked for my normal sales person and the woman said "I'm sorry she's not here anymore, she relocated out of state!"  I almost cried!  I was able to get assistance in tracking a pair of them down at another store though, since according to the website, they're not selling this style anymore. I'd have bought them online had my size still been available. But the nice lady who helped in my usual girl's place has them being shipped.

The pro to this is that I got them for $55 or something since they're on clearance. Woot! The con is that now I am freaking out that my normal awesome salesperson is gone. :(

So...what do I do? I google her. And I found her Facebook. And I messaged her.  Probably went too far. But this girl GOT ME. She got my style, she gave me little pushes to try things on that I never wouldve otherwise and for that I am totally grateful.

Ill miss you A.H.!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Two shows into the season.... I really liked the first one with Mindy Cohn, and found it particularly  refreshing that she refused to use their funds for this event and paid for it herself. She seems very well-adjusted and is amazingly well-educated.  She looked great, and I was impressed with how open and understanding she was about all of it--she really actually was interested in everything they were showing her.

The last one that was on, Wanda maybe? was also fascinating. A family therapist who grew up a Menninite. She really had a hard time grasping and accepting that she's a woman. But DAMN was she a babe!

Private Practice from Thursday Nov 4! OMG!

I finally got to watch this episode on Saturday and I was completely blown away.  I do have a bit of a beef with how Shonda Rhimes manages to slack ass horribly on one storyline for one show but then the other gets fucking amazingly awesome. This episode was very graphic and very violent but it was definitely an episode that I hope will raise a little awareness.  I have a huge personal issue with how many women who are raped refuse to report it because it's embarrassing.  I cannot begin to imagine how a person who was raped feels.  But they did an incredible job with this portrayal.

I unfortunately see this storyline being the end of Cooper and Charlotte because I think her keeping this away from him, and everyone, will eat her alive, and he already has issues with her keeping things from him.  If ANYONE should have been told about this, Violet.

And yes, dear, I realize this is a TV show and therefore not real.

Latisse Update approx 6 week mark...

I think this weekend was the first time I really noticed any sort of a difference. It seems that there is a bit of a change in length but definitely not yet in thickness at all. But they do seem to stay curled better when I curl them and put on mascara where they did not do well before.

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Pi - Kirkwood Location

This review is strictly towards the Kirkwood location.

My husband and I went there last night for dinner, I had been to this location for carry out and have eaten at the CWE location with success.  Read the rest after the jump...