Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I MIGHT be a stalker. Just maybe.

So today I called Nordstrom to hopefully grab another pair of those CJ Cookie Johnson Beautiful Bootcut jegging things I got a couple of at the Anniversary Sale. I asked for my normal sales person and the woman said "I'm sorry she's not here anymore, she relocated out of state!"  I almost cried!  I was able to get assistance in tracking a pair of them down at another store though, since according to the website, they're not selling this style anymore. I'd have bought them online had my size still been available. But the nice lady who helped in my usual girl's place has them being shipped.

The pro to this is that I got them for $55 or something since they're on clearance. Woot! The con is that now I am freaking out that my normal awesome salesperson is gone. :(

So...what do I do? I google her. And I found her Facebook. And I messaged her.  Probably went too far. But this girl GOT ME. She got my style, she gave me little pushes to try things on that I never wouldve otherwise and for that I am totally grateful.

Ill miss you A.H.!

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