Monday, November 8, 2010

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Pi - Kirkwood Location

This review is strictly towards the Kirkwood location.

My husband and I went there last night for dinner, I had been to this location for carry out and have eaten at the CWE location with success.  Read the rest after the jump...

But last night was about the biggest dinner FAIL ever. The servers are ridiculously uncommunicative with each other, the location as a whole has clearly got a lot to learn about carry outs and web-ordering and order control. Every single table that was seated in the half of the restaurant we were in was waiting well over an hour for their pizza order, and the servers and runners had no idea who sat where and who got what. Four tables were served our pizza before we got it, and even though that was all in the span of about 2 minutes, it was still ice cold. We didn't bother mentioning it because my husband had already taken his shot and he needed to eat. So we kept it, ate cold pizza, and no one bothered to apologize.  The table behind us still hadn't gotten theirs, which was ordered at the same time as ours, they had a thin crust and we had deep dish. They were furious, and no one had anything to say further than just excuses. No apologies, no thanks for being patient, just BS and excuses. They got up and left. And no one even noticed. For 10 minutes.  We just kept hearing "well our carry out orders bumped yours". THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. If you cannot keep up with takeout you need a secondary kitchen for just takeout.

The table next to them was given a meat-loaded deep dish, instead of the vegetarian thin crust because the aforementioned angry couple had left and the runner was confused.  I have eaten in some poorly run situations before, but at least the food was worth it and in most cases the staff was even remotely apologetic.

In the midst of all the chaos, two VERY large groups were seated, in very poorly organized ways despite the empty long tables that would easily have accommodated for those. And that's when the above just got worse. The staff seemed spooked and was unsure how to proceed.

We won't go back to this location, and IF he goes back itll be just to see if the thin crush is any good. It is ridiculously expensive, not even remotely as flavorful as Deweys, and not worth the wait.


  1. I agree, we went there for supper club a while back shortly after they opened, and I just think they are disorganzied and too pricey for what it is. And the parking situation there sux big balls too.

  2. I TOTALLY agree. Parking and leaving the parking lot is a joke.

  3. I hate Pi with a passion. I wrote a review on my old blog and the owner contacted me after it showed up on a google search. I think they are ridiculously overpriced and overrated.

  4. They definitely are overpriced, and I do agree the pizza is way overrated. I LOVE the bada bing salad without the cheese, and I love the Salted Caramel Ice Cream.


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