Saturday, July 31, 2010

Got my crocs order--MARNIE warning--

First these are wicked adorable...and second I think they feel lovely. The warning: They run 1 full size large. lol I was walking right out of the 8. Luckily I can go to the St. Louis Galleria location and exchange them for a 7.

Lookin forward to rotating these into my winter outfits.

And the Navy Malindi is wicked awesome. I am also glad I got another black and brown, for when the others die. I can't remember how they looked when I bought them but the new ones are nice and shiny and look darker.  I know my friend J's looked darker than mine. I might just swap out for the new ones already.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers...

Anyone use these things?? Over the weekend, right around the time I said to stop me if I buy anything else, I learned that HSN had a helluva special on these things. So I went for it. I have lapped them about 100 times in Target and refused to buy them since I have about 300 of those white and black plastic hangers.  This was t he way to get started. They arrived today, and I am dying to tear apart my closet and redo some of the "organized by color" situation, into an "organized by 'item' by color" so that my cardis are all together, my pants are all together, my tanks, etc. I hope that's easier.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another cute outfit.

Perhaps I should make this a more regular feature, what with all the cute stuff I just piled into my closet.

Yesterdays was cute, but not exactly exciting. Not that any of my outfits really are...

Anyway...this is my first time wearing this top. Dig it.

Ann Taylor Trouser Jeans
Crocs Malindi in Brown (probably shouldve gone black or even navy here...)
and the adorable top, "Filtre" brand, still available at Nordstrom:

Monday, July 26, 2010

LOL! God I love Trinny and Susannah!

PRODUCT REVIEW: SparkleSparkle cleaner by Nventa.

I have NO idea how I managed not to review this product yet. This is like...crack for me. Many of those poor souls that have the misfortune of having met me at least one time in real life know that my rings DO NOT get so much as a single speck of dust on them before they are again cleaned.  I just like my rings as clean as can be.  Well one of the linchpins of my cleaning regimen is Sparkle Sparkle.  I was turned on to this stuff by a vendor that I will not mention who made my original wedding ring that went awry. This was the only positive out of that experience.  

This stuff...I have no idea why it's so good but it is. I buy the Platinum Jewelry cleaner, obviously having platinum rings. (I linked to the little kit, which is a good thing to start with, just save the little bottle if you love it, and buy the larger one found HERE to refill the little one for travel.) If you have white gold or gold, get the cleaner made for Gold.  I spray it on my rings, let them sit for a few seconds and then use a little baby toothbrush to scrub them, then I rinse with hot water. I then spray again and let it sit for about 30 more seconds (usually while I do the other ring) and then rinse again with hot water. Then I dry meticulously with qtips and paper towels and then a blast of the blowdrier on a cool setting to get the last bits out.  That's on the days where I don't just dunk the baby toothbrush in 91% running alcohol.

CUTE outfit alert...

I mentioned yesterday that I would be wearing my super cute outfit today...even if I only get one wear out of my white jeans,

here's a TERRIBLE photo of said outfit...try to ignore the fact that my office looks like a bomb went off. And that big caulk mark on the wall.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday...pretty damn rad.

After spending a sweltering and nasty day yesterday at the St. Louis Zoo (an amazing zoo, which is FREE by the way...a rarity), with some awesome friends and their adorable offspring, I am having a totally lazy Sunday. Watching a range of junk on tv, from house hunters, to food network, to reruns of RHofNJ and reading mostly anyway...

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well the husband did a killer job on the Anniversary Gift (the Michele DoubleTour watch) but unfortunately, they make their watchbands for little waiflike people, and not for actual adults who eat. So I was extremely sad that we sent it back for a refund.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time...Part TWO.

Well..I am an addict. I went back there right as they opened today to return those two shirts, and buy the cardi's that the husband said I should get more colors in (husband suggested spending? SOLD!) I ended up buying 4 more shirts ON TOP OF the cardis I went back for. So...

Besides a green and a navy version of the "studded" cardigan--they were out of the purple, and a teal version of the long gray cardi (that has to be ordered as they're out of my size BOO!), I ended up with 2 tshirts with really nice ruching on the sides that really made my gut look slightly less grotesque, which I got in black and white, the other colors were meh to me,  and they look good alone AND work with cardis. Then I got two shirts not on sale that I loved for the last 4 months, one is teal with this ivory lace, and the other is navy all over...very similar.

I figure my altered jeans (they were really all made for amazon people...) will be done fast because i got in there on the first day. Ironically as I was paying for all of this stuff and doing the return, the alterations girl was there to ask questions before she started bec she thought she was short one pair. I explained that the 5th got returned.

I am most excited about the CJ jeans and the WHITE ones...why am I so excited about jeans that will get one wear before I inevitably destroy them with a spill.

Friday, July 16, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year! NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE!

Starts today and ends August 2.  THIS is the big spend of the year for me. I go hog-wild. I preselected a LOT on the 3rd so hopefully I beat the mad rush on most of it.

I took one thing back tonight and had all the jeans I bought altered.  The list...

.33ctw Kwiat diamond studs (my anniversary gift watch had to be returned bec it didn't fit...this is the replacement)
2 pr of the CJ Cookie Johnson Bootcut "jegging" jeans
1 pr JAG Stretch Bootcut jeans
1 pr KUT from the Kloth White bootcut jeans (not on sale)
Sequin tank top, ivory and dark gray (pg 20 in catalog) but taking gray back (shown in black)
Long Gray open cardi (pg 27 of catalog on left)
2 of the tank tops the same model is wearing on that same page, one in lime green, one in ivory
black Steve Madden pleather jacket (looks KILLER)
purple "halogen" sweater with awesome detailiing on back
dark grey cardigan with stud detailing (Getting more)
lime green tshirt with embellishing (taking back, not in love with)

...and I think a couple more shirts but I can't remember.

I would say I did pretty well!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Mack, Macklind Ave St. Louis

Yes, we eat out A LOT. As showcased by the fact that I am a raging lardass despite working with a trainer 2x a week.  My eating...well that's a different entry for another time.

I was REALLY craving a burger on Monday, but I did not feel like going to the typical favorite, Seamus McDaniels, for this burger. I also know that any time I do have Seamus I end up with the Pepper Jack Cheese Sticks. So in a fit of self-control I did some Yelping for a closer option. The Mack came up as an option and we've never been there, though I've driven by a few times.

Monday, July 12, 2010


This place was ridiculously built up, and I could NOT WAIT for it to open.

I did wait to go, a couple days anyway. I was shocked how tiny the location was! So I would be nervous about a rush there as there's a long wait for the finished meal to be out to you... We ended up risking a Friday evening rush and this became our anniversary dinner.  I had the 4-Cheese option, large size. And there is no way macaroni is worth $14. ...well the Shaved Duck in a trough would be.  The 4-Cheese was nice, but certainly not worth the price! Maybe if it was 2x the size...I dunno.  This four  cheese had a nice surprise in that one was a goat cheese. It was little "blobs" scattered through the dish. Random little collections. It added a nice touch. But still not $14 worth.

RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Shaved Duck, St. Louis, MO


This might be a new favorite. If for no other reason than the best damn macaroni EVER.  It's creamy and delicious. So good.  I really hope they end up on Diners, Drive-in's and Dives one day. Wait. No I don't. I want to still get a table.

The husband and I had a REALLY nice meal there a week ago. He had the Meatloaf and I had 1/2 Roasted Chicken. I call a draw on who won. My chicken was DELICIOUS. And I took half home for lunch the next day, and the reheat was even better, and this is from a woman who DOES NOT REHEAT FOOD.  I had the cornbread and the mac and cheese with mine, and boy were those nice choices. Esp. that mac.

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Hwy 61 Roadhouse, Webster Groves, MO

This was a pleasant surprise. I had heard it was good, but never made it a point to check out and wow we were missing out!

We went around 2 on Sunday (yesterday) and it was VERY cleared out, presumably busier in the morning for their brunch.

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Pi Restaurant (CWE location)

I finally had the opportunity to check out the much hyped and much raved about Pi restaurant.  A big group of us went and only a few had previously been there. If anything should be worth the hype on that entire menu it is the Apple Pi and Salted Caramel Ice Cream. As soon as I saw the dessert listing I was plotting how I was going to handle getting and eating all of them. But I have had a ridiculous thing for Salted Caramel Ice Cream of I made that my top pick. 

I did learn that if you want to beat a crowd, you go to the CWE location on a Friday, between 5 and 615 PM. That's the beginning of a rush but you can still get a table. I also am told around 3pm on Sunday is the same, really slow.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

...and so it begins: The Great Bathroom Closet Clean-out 2010

I have needed to do this for quite a while. 2 years, at least. I think the last time I did it was actually 06...after my appendix removal. In fact, it has to have been. HOLY SHIT did I amass a lot of crap in the last few years. And this is what ISN'T all over the shower, the window ledge, and on the door of the closet in the hanging baskets that I bolted in. That's easier to clean out I think. But I should probably sort that out at the same time.  That 24 piece collection of Bath and Body Works hand soap is ridiculous. But the hair dye I can use in 2 months. Since I need 3 boxes at a time. eep.  And who in the hell needs 5 bottles of the same Theraflu cough medicine.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Because he's a saint. I am one hell of a nightmare to live with. I am a slob, a packrat, a materialist, an over-shopper, a terrible saver, and I kick like crazy in my sleep.  When I am not stealing the blankets. I have my own set of blankets, and I still steal his anyway. Smooth.

He got me a fantastic gift, a beautiful Michele Watch.  I wanted to get him a Conan replica sword, but I think I need to wait until the real deal goes on sale with Arnold's estate. Somehow a replica isn't quite the same as one with Arnold's real skin-bits on it.

I love this guy more than the day we got married 5 years ago, even more than that AWESOME cake, and while we've had our ups and downs, just like every couple does,  he still sticks with me despite my craziness.  Because Bitches be Crazy.

I love you babe!!! Happy 5th!