Friday, July 16, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year! NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE!

Starts today and ends August 2.  THIS is the big spend of the year for me. I go hog-wild. I preselected a LOT on the 3rd so hopefully I beat the mad rush on most of it.

I took one thing back tonight and had all the jeans I bought altered.  The list...

.33ctw Kwiat diamond studs (my anniversary gift watch had to be returned bec it didn't fit...this is the replacement)
2 pr of the CJ Cookie Johnson Bootcut "jegging" jeans
1 pr JAG Stretch Bootcut jeans
1 pr KUT from the Kloth White bootcut jeans (not on sale)
Sequin tank top, ivory and dark gray (pg 20 in catalog) but taking gray back (shown in black)
Long Gray open cardi (pg 27 of catalog on left)
2 of the tank tops the same model is wearing on that same page, one in lime green, one in ivory
black Steve Madden pleather jacket (looks KILLER)
purple "halogen" sweater with awesome detailiing on back
dark grey cardigan with stud detailing (Getting more)
lime green tshirt with embellishing (taking back, not in love with)

...and I think a couple more shirts but I can't remember.

I would say I did pretty well!


  1. Wow! You did get a lot of stuff. I may hit the denim section during one of my lunch breaks next week because at least one pair of jeans is totally trashed. I just hate buying clothes right now since I look so crappy.

  2. I told myself I was NOT going to buy clothes til I lost weight but as I recall, even when I DID lose a lot I never lost much inchwise, so most of my clothes just looked a tiny bit better on me than before. Most of this I can probably tailor anyway.

    I actually have to post another one because I just went back. SHIT.


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