Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well the husband did a killer job on the Anniversary Gift (the Michele DoubleTour watch) but unfortunately, they make their watchbands for little waiflike people, and not for actual adults who eat. So I was extremely sad that we sent it back for a refund.

So that left me wanting a watch, so since this was a watch I have nearly bought myself for at least a year, I went for it. It's an Invicta Baby Lupah, which i got from ShopNBC, which is apparently an online powerhouse for watches. They even sell Cartier watches! Holy smokes!  And for $78 I don't think I made a bad choice at all. They offer the same watch with a mother-of-pearl 'face' but I don't love that "stone" because it's all pink and iridescent and Im not into that so much. So I stuck with white. If they had silver I'd maybe have done that. But either way...lovely. Easily read. Not ridiculously gigantic.  I don't see myself using the white or pink straps so much, but definitely black and brown, MAYBE the blue occasionally. I am retarded in the fashion ways because I am a black shoes black belt black watchstrap black hairclip or brown shoes brown belt brown watchstrap brown hairclip kind of person. It's sad really. works for me. My pants are either gray, black, dark denim, khaki or dark brown, and the shirt is where the color comes in. Oh and the hair.  I am boring as hell, apparently.

Anyway...back at it. It looks lovely, came with 5 REALLY nice leather straps that change easily, and it makes me feel all snooty despite the pricetag.   I tend to think of myself as a very good high-low shopper. Except that even at the low I buy too many lows at once. But my cards are all in frozen mode now. For a while.

Anyway...I wanted to show off my new watch.  Forgive the watermarks. I posted them on a forum I like to go on, and apparently ebayers and "scammers" steal photos from there a lot to sell fakes. Not that I think of Invicta as being a particularly sought-after brand...just don't wanna help.

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