Wednesday, July 14, 2010

RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Mack, Macklind Ave St. Louis

Yes, we eat out A LOT. As showcased by the fact that I am a raging lardass despite working with a trainer 2x a week.  My eating...well that's a different entry for another time.

I was REALLY craving a burger on Monday, but I did not feel like going to the typical favorite, Seamus McDaniels, for this burger. I also know that any time I do have Seamus I end up with the Pepper Jack Cheese Sticks. So in a fit of self-control I did some Yelping for a closer option. The Mack came up as an option and we've never been there, though I've driven by a few times.

This particular Monday was PROBABLY a bad night to go to a Bar as they were showing the home run derby. But we did get a table. It was pretty "packed" for a place like this, and unfortunately for both us and the poor server/bartender, she was the only person besides the cook that night. She was running her ass off.  So despite that issue, we stuck around and ordered. I got the 4 Cheese Burger with Bacon on it and the Husband got himself the "MAN" Burger.  I don't know what I said to her that implied Waffle Fries but damn whatever it was Ill say that again. The Husband got "regular" Fries.  We were both very pleased with our fries, though mine were a bit overdone. The Waffle Fries are seasoned...they're a lot like waffle shaped Rally's Fries. So ...that's always a winner.

On to the burger.  This burger might have edged Seamus. It was SO GOOD. The meat was great, and it was cooked right. The cheese was plentiful and really good, especially all melted together. The bacon was also REALLY good bacon.  I give this all thumbs up. I really enjoyed it.  The husband still I think prefers the Seamus burger, which I won't kick out of bed. 

This place is definitely worth stopping in for. AND it's wicked cheap.

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