Monday, July 26, 2010

PRODUCT REVIEW: SparkleSparkle cleaner by Nventa.

I have NO idea how I managed not to review this product yet. This is like...crack for me. Many of those poor souls that have the misfortune of having met me at least one time in real life know that my rings DO NOT get so much as a single speck of dust on them before they are again cleaned.  I just like my rings as clean as can be.  Well one of the linchpins of my cleaning regimen is Sparkle Sparkle.  I was turned on to this stuff by a vendor that I will not mention who made my original wedding ring that went awry. This was the only positive out of that experience.  

This stuff...I have no idea why it's so good but it is. I buy the Platinum Jewelry cleaner, obviously having platinum rings. (I linked to the little kit, which is a good thing to start with, just save the little bottle if you love it, and buy the larger one found HERE to refill the little one for travel.) If you have white gold or gold, get the cleaner made for Gold.  I spray it on my rings, let them sit for a few seconds and then use a little baby toothbrush to scrub them, then I rinse with hot water. I then spray again and let it sit for about 30 more seconds (usually while I do the other ring) and then rinse again with hot water. Then I dry meticulously with qtips and paper towels and then a blast of the blowdrier on a cool setting to get the last bits out.  That's on the days where I don't just dunk the baby toothbrush in 91% running alcohol.

I am in love with this spray, so much so that I give it as gifts to the brides I work with, and sometimes as gifts to friends.  I just placed another order last week, mostly to gift my last 2010 Summer Bride with it, and ended up ordering another bottle for myself, one for my sister, and then added a bottle of RingSlide, apparently a new product that is a moisturizing slip agent to get stuck rings off. All I needed to see was "ring slip" and I was buying it. Since in the morning it's virtually impossible to get my rings over my freak knuckles, I thought it would be worth a try so that I could avoid the windex I usually use to do this. I tried it a little while ago and I am very pleased.

As a surprise bonus, they put in a little box of something new called "Every Day cleaner", which I guess is a more mild version of what I usually use, with more "natural" ingredients. That was a pleasant surprise, but I do order this stuff often so maybe I was the right person to send a test to!  Apparently this is on HSN now. Which is rad.  This company seriously needs all the exposure it can get, it's really that good.

For those who use that little red jar cleaner, keep the brush and even the little white tray thing, and pitch the jar and the liquid. Use this spray, that brush, set the rings on the little tray while the stuff works it's magic and then rinse while they are on the tray, then dry. Perfect. I have actually bought the jar JUST to get the tray and brush. (yes, I know, loser.)

I used the new Every Day Cleaner tonight before I wrapped them up in their little homes and I am pretty pleased. It smells like there's some orange oil in it as well, which I love the smell of. It got them just as clean as usual, which I love.  The only thing I'd like to see from Nventa is the little TINY black brush I got to test out about 4 years ago, that I guess never made the cut. It was more like a tiny flosser point with a little bit of brush fur on it. I still use it, despite the fact that there is like 1 fiber of fur left. But it gets in places nothing else gets in well, so I love it to death.  So...guys at Nventa: bring those back. I love them.

I threw links up with each product to take you right there, it's worth every penny, and they ship pretty fast. I almost always do Priority Mail. Those little spray bottles last a long time as is, and if you refill the small one for trips...even more awesome. is the main link to the site.  Let me know what you think!

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