Monday, July 12, 2010


This place was ridiculously built up, and I could NOT WAIT for it to open.

I did wait to go, a couple days anyway. I was shocked how tiny the location was! So I would be nervous about a rush there as there's a long wait for the finished meal to be out to you... We ended up risking a Friday evening rush and this became our anniversary dinner.  I had the 4-Cheese option, large size. And there is no way macaroni is worth $14. ...well the Shaved Duck in a trough would be.  The 4-Cheese was nice, but certainly not worth the price! Maybe if it was 2x the size...I dunno.  This four  cheese had a nice surprise in that one was a goat cheese. It was little "blobs" scattered through the dish. Random little collections. It added a nice touch. But still not $14 worth.

The husband got the Bacon Bacon, a small. That thing was TINY.  It was nice flavor, but I tend to prefer my macaroni "plain". That said I would like to try the Southwest option and he wants to try the Shrimp Scampi option.

I think we might give it another go some day if we are over that direction, and not make a special trip.

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  1. Totally agree. Didn't love it, and $8 is way too much for ~1.5 cup of mac n cheese.


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