Friday, July 30, 2010

Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers...

Anyone use these things?? Over the weekend, right around the time I said to stop me if I buy anything else, I learned that HSN had a helluva special on these things. So I went for it. I have lapped them about 100 times in Target and refused to buy them since I have about 300 of those white and black plastic hangers.  This was t he way to get started. They arrived today, and I am dying to tear apart my closet and redo some of the "organized by color" situation, into an "organized by 'item' by color" so that my cardis are all together, my pants are all together, my tanks, etc. I hope that's easier.

The kicker with these is not just the flocking, it's the SIZE. I read 1/4" on the description but never having actually picked them up at  Target before, I did not even realize how THIN that is in a hanger. I mean I look at such measurements and nit-pick them in Invitation Orders DAILY, but when it's an item like this...never really occurred to me how thin that is. These are EASILY 1/2 the width of my beloved plastic hangers. I am super psyched to get this going.

Husband, prepare thineself.

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