Monday, July 12, 2010

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Pi Restaurant (CWE location)

I finally had the opportunity to check out the much hyped and much raved about Pi restaurant.  A big group of us went and only a few had previously been there. If anything should be worth the hype on that entire menu it is the Apple Pi and Salted Caramel Ice Cream. As soon as I saw the dessert listing I was plotting how I was going to handle getting and eating all of them. But I have had a ridiculous thing for Salted Caramel Ice Cream of I made that my top pick. 

I did learn that if you want to beat a crowd, you go to the CWE location on a Friday, between 5 and 615 PM. That's the beginning of a rush but you can still get a table. I also am told around 3pm on Sunday is the same, really slow.

The first course were appetizers. We got some kind of prosciutto balls and their garlic bread, which is kind of a do it yourself situation. They bring you softened butter, warm bread and a grilled clove of garlic. That was quite nice.  I don't do prosciutto or ham so I did not try the other option, saving my space for the Bada Bing Salad on the way. THIS SALAD IS HEAVEN. I really think it may be my favorite salad ever, which says a lot since my previous favorite is at Deweys!  Hell we all know my favorite favorite is the now-defunct Taco Salad from Steak n Shake. 

The Bada Bing has dried Bing Cherries, almonds, and a very nice vinaigrette dressing. I did not order it with the gorganzola on it, as I don't care for it. I scraped my bowl of salad. Delish. If this "small" was as big as it was (2 people can easily handle this) the large must be huge. 

After the salad I had a small South Side Classico, deep dish, which I added pepperoni to the sausage, peppers, onions and mushrooms. It was very nice but the pizza is nothing special beyond the crust honestly. The crust is a vegan cornmeal crust, which was very nice with the toppings.  If I get pizza there again I will try a make-your-own with thin crust.  

That brings us to the best part...the dessert.  Out came a gigantic piece of Apple Pie, with sea salt on the crust. And two scoops of Serendipity Salted Caramel ice cream. Serendipity is a local ice cream company, with a location in Webster Groves. This Salted Caramel flavor is a Pi-exclusive flavor, you cannot get it anywhere else, not even their shop. But it's worth it. It was SO good. And with that pie...divine. Heavenly.

The only really issue I have with the place is that it costs a FORTUNE. My pizza -- 6 pieces -- was $20. For a small.  My salad wasn't terribly bad but $6 for a side salad is pushing it. My dessert was $8...a bit steep but it was so good it was worth it.  It's not some place you want to make a regular dinner spot if you are trying to not spend $60 on yourself for dinner! There was definitely leftover pizza. But that's not really a pizza you want to be reheating. It's better fresh. 

If I had to compare this to Deweys...I would call a draw. The salads I love, the dessert at Pi wins, but the Pizza is definitely not better than Deweys.

You can view the menu and details about Pi at:

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  1. Yep- the crust is the best part of Pi. And the badabing salad is my FAVE.


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