Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time...Part TWO.

Well..I am an addict. I went back there right as they opened today to return those two shirts, and buy the cardi's that the husband said I should get more colors in (husband suggested spending? SOLD!) I ended up buying 4 more shirts ON TOP OF the cardis I went back for. So...

Besides a green and a navy version of the "studded" cardigan--they were out of the purple, and a teal version of the long gray cardi (that has to be ordered as they're out of my size BOO!), I ended up with 2 tshirts with really nice ruching on the sides that really made my gut look slightly less grotesque, which I got in black and white, the other colors were meh to me,  and they look good alone AND work with cardis. Then I got two shirts not on sale that I loved for the last 4 months, one is teal with this ivory lace, and the other is navy all over...very similar.

I figure my altered jeans (they were really all made for amazon people...) will be done fast because i got in there on the first day. Ironically as I was paying for all of this stuff and doing the return, the alterations girl was there to ask questions before she started bec she thought she was short one pair. I explained that the 5th got returned.

I am most excited about the CJ jeans and the WHITE ones...why am I so excited about jeans that will get one wear before I inevitably destroy them with a spill.

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