Monday, July 12, 2010

RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Shaved Duck, St. Louis, MO


This might be a new favorite. If for no other reason than the best damn macaroni EVER.  It's creamy and delicious. So good.  I really hope they end up on Diners, Drive-in's and Dives one day. Wait. No I don't. I want to still get a table.

The husband and I had a REALLY nice meal there a week ago. He had the Meatloaf and I had 1/2 Roasted Chicken. I call a draw on who won. My chicken was DELICIOUS. And I took half home for lunch the next day, and the reheat was even better, and this is from a woman who DOES NOT REHEAT FOOD.  I had the cornbread and the mac and cheese with mine, and boy were those nice choices. Esp. that mac.

There was no wait, surprisingly, considering it is TINY. I do wish we'd have sat elsewhere, even though our server was way awesome. They had a live music duo playing which we were seated RIGHT NEXT TO, and it was loud. Had the table been a little bit bigger I would have sat on the same side of the table as the husband. But there was no way to do that AND eat. So I was like back to face with this singer guy. They were loud and it was impossible to talk to the husband.

I cannot wait to go back. I am craving both the chicken and the macaroni, but I might have to get meatloaf the decisions!


  1. We love this place! It is right down the road from us, so we have to show restraint. I love love love the pulled pork sandwich, the cornbread and the green bean casserole. The mac and cheese is eh to me.

  2. I am SO envious that you live right there. I have to try the greenbean casserole. I do agree the cornbread is the bomb, I really liked it.

    I wanted to try the pork pizza. The lazy next to me got it and I was dying to ask for some of it lol

    (ps you are showing now!!!)


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