Monday, July 26, 2010

CUTE outfit alert...

I mentioned yesterday that I would be wearing my super cute outfit today...even if I only get one wear out of my white jeans,

here's a TERRIBLE photo of said outfit...try to ignore the fact that my office looks like a bomb went off. And that big caulk mark on the wall.


  1. What the hell..I tried to post a comment. I LOVE the outfit!!!!!! It looks great! I also said that someday I would stop wearing my maternity clothes...maybe!

  2. Oh, by the that I'm a mom I'm carrying around a bag about as mammoth as yours...except mine cost $18 at Target and is pretty ghetto ;)

  3. I looooooove the outfit. You look so thin in the pic and stylish. Hot!
    Very differnt than the sweat dripping Ame I seem most of the time. :) HA!

  4. haha NO KIDDING.

    ...I think it's hilarious that instead of "nikki" it shows you as Michael. HAHAHA

  5. I love it, and it looks GREAT on you!!!


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