Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday...pretty damn rad.

After spending a sweltering and nasty day yesterday at the St. Louis Zoo (an amazing zoo, which is FREE by the way...a rarity), with some awesome friends and their adorable offspring, I am having a totally lazy Sunday. Watching a range of junk on tv, from house hunters, to food network, to reruns of RHofNJ and reading mostly anyway...

I finally got my altered jeans back from Nordstrom--the only reason besides lunch that I left my house today. I am so psyched to wear my very first pair of white jeans to work tomorrow with a cute cardi I got at Target a few months ago after seeing this outfit in a Target ad. It's got blue, teal and orange swirls on a white background.  Besides the blue and teal on it, this whole outfit is decidedly NOT Ame.  Because of the white, obviously. I am sure these jeans will be a terrible investment because they will be a ONE wear item more than likely...since I will inevitably spill something on them. But til that moment occurs they'll be wicked cute.

I have all of my items now from the Nordstrom sale, and of course then-some. Including the beautiful diamond studs. They showed up with 18K backs on a platinum earring...whatever that ish was about. But after ordering the custom backings--which they were able to order for me at a reasonable value, I got a call yesterday from telling me they were also ordering me a set for free.  While I'd like to undo the first order, I can't so at least Ill now have a backup pair!  Something I learned and was not aware of til I ordered these backs--I can trade up these earrings for larger/better clarity ones later. Which is so cool! I will keep the 18K backings to allow that.  I don't know how much bigger I'd really go, I think anything bigger than 1/2ct per ear just looks weird and kind of fake, so ...maybe in my later years Ill have some half carat per ear. These 16pts per ear are pretty bang on lookin' on my ears.

I have had to remove all forms of payment from my wallet though. Besides the small cash I have.  I am DONE shopping for a while. I might look around but NO MORE. So...I need all of you readers to make me really guilty if I end up with more stuff.

...besides the crocs I used a shitload of coupon codes on yesterday...

Malindi's for $14.99 a pair using the MALINDI1499 code on that I got on Ebates (no ebates membership required but..sign up for the little "kickback") and then since I signed up for the mailings from and get a 20% off your order I went back to use that and got two more pairs of shoes..the Marnie. One black and one brown. Those are fall-winter ready. So while I spent more than any human should ever spend on crocs...I got a great selection...I got three pairs of malindis: one more black, one more brown and a navy. I thought they looked cute, and would be cute with jeans without me doing to stupid ame-shoes-match-belt-match-watchstrap idiotproof look I do.

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