Friday, May 31, 2013

Product Line to Check Out: ONE LOVE ORGANICS

I read about this line, One Love Organics, about maybe 2 months ago on BeautyBets, when I was looking for a new Vitamin C serum to replace the Mario Badescu I had been using, and found only "meh", in part due to the propylene glycol in it, and in part due to it just not seeming to really *do* anything.  It also didn't seem to place nice with retinoids or any of my other products.

I picked up a bottle of the Vitamin C Serum along with a few samples of the other items, and started in on them. So far my absolute favorite IS the Vitamin C. It's a cushy texture, not at all what I expected for some reason...and nothing like the Mario Badescu which for lack of a better description was kind of like rubbing alcohol in a dropper bottle.  This stuff is dreamy on the face and smells DIVINE. I apply one pump right out of the shower after cleansing, and rub it in all over (I probably should press?) and down my neck. Once that sets in, I apply a tiny amount of the Vitamin E eye balm, and then my moisturizer if I'm "patchy" or "molting" from retinoids. Then I'm done. I did have some trial and error in the beginning to figure out if I needed one pump or two.

I will say that I only use it at night, most nights not every, and I don't use it at the same time as retinoids. So if I am slathering on the retinoids, I skip it that night. I read somewhere that you don't do them both at the same time because one would cancel the other out. I have no idea if that is based in fact or if it was some random blabber. But it stuck so I stick to that. I don't use serums/oils in the morning, and I use a different eye cream in the morning for ease with my spackling, the Vitamin E is too much slip/balm for me in the morning with makeup.

Anyway...I have tinkered with the other products that came in the sample packs I picked up, which by the way are FABULOUS sizes for travel, though many I am unlikely to keep up with because of allergies to many botanicals in them (trees, plants, etc are death to me!): Morning Glory is nice, minty. And Love Springs Eternal is also delicious. The Skin Savior is a great lip balm or "molting patch" fixer-upper. The Brand New Day scrub is really interesting. It's a powder, you add water. When I got the hang of that one I really liked it. It's VERY gentle and didn't tear me up at all. This one I think is definitely going to be a purchase for me.

Also, the packaging is STELLAR. Gorgeous boxes, perfect font selection and paper selections, and beautiful jars/bottles. Very nicely done.  Check out this little Vine video by Meg Biram showing the One Love packaging for the Vitamin C Serum and Vitamin E Eye Cream.  The only "complaint" I'd have is that I wish the eye creams and whatnot were not open top jars, simply for sanitary purposes. DEFINITELY worth a look!


  1. Hi Ame,

    Thank you so much for this beautiful post! We are so happy that you like the products. You should also use this formula with your retinoids because the Vitamin C we use is Vitamin C Ester, not ascorbic acid. You can read about this outstanding ingredient here:
    Thanks again and so happy you are enjoying!

  2. Hi Suzanne! Thank you so much for checking out the blog and my post, glad you liked it! I appreciate you posting that information very much, and I will give the layering a whirl!

    I am so glad to have found your products, and I hope my readers check them out because they're amazing!

    Thank you, again, for stopping by!


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