Monday, June 3, 2013


I REALLY LOVE POPPIN! Everything about their products, their branding, the idea...makes me giddy.

 Photo credit: Poppin's Instagram, @Poptopia--GREAT SLOGAN!!! So fun!

Love is perhaps an understatement.  I am obsessed.  My whole desk and my worktable are decked out in Pool Blue and Lime Green, with a few little splashes of Aqua, White, Navy, and random Orange! And I just. keep. buying. more!  Since they've launched, I have placed several orders, I just cannot seem to control myself. Mousepads. Push pins. Pens. Bits and Bobs trays. Accessory trays. Rulers. Tape Dispensers. Staplers...I have it all! It's becoming an "issue." Quite a good looking issue. They just look so damn NICE with my dark wood antiques and my sleek aluminum Macs!  And their slogan and packaging materials are just divine! 
I want one of the file cabinets so bad I cannot stand it. I have no idea what I'd put IN it...but I want one, I probably would use it as a printer stand.  And one of the office chairs.  I have a perfectly good, functional, antique office chair that is a family heirloom which I adore. But it's not lime green or pool blue. So for that reason, I am lusting for one of those...

It's a sickness!

Lime Green and Pool Blue Photos from

My maiden voyage post on Instagram was a shot of my desk, seen above, with a few of my Poppin pops on the desk. Some of the others off to the side for my worktable, which I am almost ready to set up. I spray painted a few other items I had that work for me but were totally wrong for my color scheme to work with the color scheme.

Also, if you can see it in the background, my pen cup from Design Darling, which is totally adorable. The monogram just got me! Also shown is my The B Bar Blogging 101 Bible, helping me revamp this site, make it what I wanted it to be all along.

As an aside--Poppin customer service is FAB-U-LOUS. And the quality of their product is equally incredible. Check em out! 

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