Saturday, June 15, 2013

Please Standby::: Work in Progress!

In between projects this weekend, I am hoping to deploy a new "header" with my new logo (which I might have finally decided on!) onto the blog and twitter this weekend, or at the latest next weekend. And my web implementation skills are not exactly stellar!  So hopefully I don't break this thing and have to shake it to make it work again!  I have it planned on the Google Calendar for this Sunday, but we'll see if I stick to my schedule.

This is more of a warning shot than anything.  Speaking of: does anyone else immediately think of the Lord Helmet/Colonel Sandurz exchange from Spaceballs where they discuss firing a warning shot "across her nose" and Lord Helmet screams "I said across her nose, not up it" when the words warning shot are used?  Oh it's just me?  Carry on then.


Meanwhile, check out this article on Gizmodo about Microsoft Office hitting iOS!  Can you see yourself checking up on a Word Doc on the fly? Or a Powerpoint?   The app is free with an Office 365 Subscription, which runs $99.99 for a one year subscription.  For a power user of MS Office, that isn't a terribly unreasonable price. For someone like me, who uses it at work, but not really at home, in favor of Apple iWork, it's probably not a necessary subscription.

Just a little tech nugget I thought might be interesting as a distraction technique while I am over here breaking things!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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