Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekend Update::: Father's Day, plus Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler!

Oh. Snap. My wallet better watch out!   Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler has hit the JCP Website.  

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This weekend I had very little planned besides Father's Day festivities tomorrow and volunteering and semi-participating in Caliente for the Cure® tonight. I also was hoping to finish up in the office and possibly spray painting my black file cabinet a fun teal blue before starting on the "Great Bathroom Closet Cleanout 2013".  

Photo Credit: My Mom

Speaking of Father's Day...if you haven't gotten your dad anything yet (how could you?!) let me suggest another idea, especially if he is hands-on with your kids: A Zoo Membership.  We are getting my dad a membership to the St. Louis Zoo, which happens to be a free and amazing zoo. The membership gives some additional perks, such as free parking (there is plenty of free parking in Forest Park, but getting it is a challenge), discounts to other zoo admissions, and our favorite part: train ride and attraction tickets!  My nephew is 18 months old and loves trains, trucks and buses. He has been on the zoo train a few times in his life already, but his most recent visit probably solidified that love. I bet he's going to love this gift as much as Grandpa.  Happy Father's Day, Dad! 

On my way over to my parent's house, perhaps I might make a stop over at JCP again, which surely will derail at least one of those latter two projects I had planned, because I think I might need this chair...and this headboard... and this pillow...and this one...and this lamp...and this rug in Navy or Green...or this one...

Words cannot express my love for Jonathan Adler and his vibrant, fun collections.  He just seems to design for the likes of me.  Just me. Only me. Ok, fine, and apparently the beautiful Mrs. Lilien, she of the amazing orange Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler curtains in her gorgeous new foyer

Photos and collage by me

Seriously...that headboard!  I have been craving a headboard for years now, and I am sure the husband is sick of hearing about it. I think that one, at a fraction of the cost of his full collection price point, would be a welcome addition to our home. I would hug it, love it, and call it Buddy!

I stopped in after work earlier this week to check it out in person, and had to be physically restrained and my credit cards revoked. Divine!

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