Tuesday, June 4, 2013

35 seems to be the year of the new me...

If I call it that, "the new me", anyway.

I haven't really mentioned this to many people, let alone the world, but I have been trying to do a bit of an overhaul of ME as well, not just all my spaces.  My health has been a royal suckfest for a while, and I know my weight was not helping that. Not entirely sure correcting that is going to fix some of these (unrelated entirely), but the rest, I hope it fixes.

About a month ago, one of my doctors laid down the law and essentially prescribed a diet plan, Medifast, and I have had no real choice but to stick to it. It is kind of a financial killer, but thankfully we're in a position where it's being worked into the budget. I am enforcing a strict "stop buying clothes" rule on myself until I need them, and wouldn't you know that two of my favorite jeans--that fit me fairly well too--would have died this weekend, one of whom died in a particular public and embarrassing manner (THANK YOU OTHER STORE PATRONS FOR LETTING ME WALK AROUND WITH MY ASS HANGING OUT!!!)  And I guess, thankfully, my husband has been helping enforce this whole thing, since the enforcement is kind of working, because exactly 4 weeks in, I am down 16.5 lbs. I don't see any change physically and my clothes don't fit any better yet...but hey, we'll see. Other people can apparently see a difference, but I guess being around myself all the time, I am not seeing it yet. I am mad that I didn't take lots of photos along the way. I might take one tonight if I can find a good mirror besides work bathroom to get one in. That way maybe I can keep track of it.

I have lots of "before" images on my phone, in varying states of beforeness, and probably printed photos around,  but hopefully in a few months Ill share that "before and after" with the world. I am about to order my next shipment of foods from this thing, and hopefully it keeps going smooth.  I won't lie, it's HARD, and there have been a few off-plan meals, but for the most part it's gone ok. This past weekend so far was the worst, but that's because of birthday festivities, and other pre-planned dinners at places that were not selected by me, so I worked with what I had, and did I think fairly well. The Medifast food itself isn't too bad. It's not GREAT, but not too bad. Obviously the bars and shakes are the best tasting, but I've made the rest work and I have found several great recipes to work for my "Lean and Green" meal, which I usually have for dinner with my husband at night.

So far so good. I am trying to be as optimistic as I am capable! I am (as you might pick up on) not usually all that optimistic. Working on that too.

Any thoughts, comments, or questions, please feel free to share!


  1. Well? How's it it going? Pictures to share yet?

    1. It's going...I still see NO difference at all, neither does my husband. A few people have said they do, but again, not seeing it. I plan to give a number update on or around the 8th which will be the 3 month mark but I don't know if I'll show photos yet. Mostly because you can't really see a difference yet. Maybe at 4 months you might?

      I still have too many "cheat days" but I get back on it pretty quick!


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