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1::: Vosges Haut Chocolat, though this is less a "right now" and more of an "always", but I would cut a bitch for some Vosges right now!   That's something I miss so much being on this diet, scarfing down an entire box or bar of Vosges. (Don't judge me!) I haven't had it since our trip to Chicago last July when I unleashed myself in their store in Lincoln Park and made my Discover melt a little bit.  Most specifically, I am dying for a Red Fire Caramel Chocolate Bar, which was brand new last year and quickly eclipsed my previous favorites, which included the original Red Fire, Bapchi's Caramel Toffee and Wooloomooloo bars, some Organic Peanut Butter Bon Bons, which are better than any peanut butter cup on earth, and some decadent Wink of the Rabbit Caramels. In the winter, I love a steamy cup of the Aztec Elixir Drinking Chocolate. Now I REALLY want some damn chocolate. 

2::: Honest Co. Conditioning Mist, which has been a pleasant surprise, especially considering it's budget-friendly price point!  It smells like candy, and just a few pumps gets right through this rat's nest!  I actually add a couple droppers full of Josie Maran Argan Oil to the bottle to up the Argan Oil content and offset the glycerin, which is both great for hair and a death knell for a bottle redhead. The little travel sized bottle of the Josie Maran Oil is only $14 and lasts me forever, btw. My last order of the larger bottle was from a deal QVC had and seems to be the never-ending bottle. 

3::: Speaking of Josie Maran's products, her SPF 40+ Moisturizer has become my go-to daily day-time facial moisturizer, and it, too, smells like candy.  The link is to her site and apparently only shows the "jumbo" bottle. But Sephora and QVC also sell her products and I believe also have the regular size.   This also comes in a travel size, which would fit perfectly in a Truffle Petite Clarity tote!  I just got mine yesterday, as well as my Grand (I could not pass up that SUMMERFUN code for 30% off a Grand or Classic!) and I am dying over the lime green in the petite. I got my grand in cobalt.   Cannot WAIT for our upcoming trip to the Big Island to stuff these bad boys!

4::: Bliss & Bone Stationery, which I read about on 100 Layer Cake, is a gorgeous line of stationery and invitations out of LA, that is very chic and very high-fashion. Their concept is pretty original, and their work is unlike any I have ever seen.  

5::: HUSTLE Gold Foil Print from Design Darling, which I was finally able to order this week when it made its triumphant return to the Design Darling online boutique.  Seeing all these cute "motivational" artworks has gotten me a little more into them lately.  Prior to now, I was so not the type to have such a thing around, but the typography, and in some cases the printing method, is what makes them so much more appealing to me.  I am looking forward to framing this and putting it up in my office.  Sure, I can make these kinds of pieces myself, but I much prefer having another artist's work in my office and on my walls instead of just my own!  And, of course, while poking around in the boutique, I ordered a second monogrammed pen cup, so I'd have a second on my drawing table. Gotta have a place for everything!

6::: Linea Pelle Dylan Medium Tote in Turquoise. And it's on sale? Are they trying to kill me and my resolve? I carry this bag in Scotch, and even have a backup of the exact same bag in the exact same Scotch leather for when I finally abuse it and can't use the current one anymore. But when this Turquoise came up this spring I seriously have lusted for it since.  Now that it's on sale...I am having a hard time not clicking "add to cart".  Their leather is just beyond! 

7::: FEED USA + TARGET Collection, set to launch June 30, 2013. FEED was originally started by Lauren Bush Lauren to help United Nations World Food Programme's (WFP) School Feeding program, but this collection turns its efforts towards helping those in need right here in the US of A. Racked has a great lookbook layout if you want to see everything available. I love the bags offered through the original collection, and her collaborations are always stellar, and this one promises to be equally fantastic and much more accessible.  

What's been on your mind lately?

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