Monday, June 24, 2013

Must Have::: Tieks Ballet Flats

Photo: Tieks Facebook Page, Navy Folded Shoe from their online boutiek added by me

I am not often caught in a pair of ballet flats, to be completely upfront. You are going to find me, 99% of the time, in a pair of dirty, probably worn out and mutilated, navy Chuck Taylor slip-ons. Occasionally, I will bring out the spiffy Marimekko blue dot Chucks with the green laces. Or the Crocs flats or espadrilles. I think I have approximately one pair of "cute flats" that are not made by Crocs...the Cole Haan by Maria Sharapova Air Bacara flats I got in a metallic bronze last year from Nordstrom (on sale!) and have worn exactly 4 times since.

Sensing a theme here? Besides the fact that I am an overgrown, sloppy, college kid?  I have been trying in vain to step up my game lately with cuter shoes and outfits, though, with my "comfort trumps all" mantra, that is admittedly going quite poorly. I will not suffer for fashion! (And with that, the fashionista population threw me to the wolves!)

This line of ballet flats called Tieks have been popping up on blogs and in magazines lately and I have repeatedly checked out their website and thought "they're cute, but will I ever wear them?"  However, with more frequency, I am going back and thinking "I really should get a pair of those."  I am obviously between Navy, Grass Green, Lime Green or a Metallic Gold/Bronze shade, as I am overly practical with these things, I have to get something that goes with all my clothes. Since I have the metallic Cole Haan, I will almost certainly get Navy, as it goes with the most stuff.  Hmmm. First world problems!  I am obviously a sucker for the teal soles though. 


Perhaps the biggest selling feature of these cute flats is that they fold down in half and slip into a little pouch, a pouch you could easily tuck away in your purse or stow in your carry-on bag, and take up little to no space while still carrying a cute and seemingly extremely comfortable pair of shoes along with you. I mean, tell me that image above does not scream at a comfortable volume "practical and stylish!" I say "seemingly" only because I have yet to try them, and I have yet to find a single pair of shoes that didn't have an adjustment period requiring a million bandaids, even flipflops, which do not qualify as shoes. But all of the reviews say these things are insanely comfy. And they really do look like they will be.

These would be fantastic as bridesmaid gifts for your girls and for those who regularly travel. Two of the blogs I originally saw them on were Oh! Travelissima and Hitha on the Go, which both focus on traveling in style.  I'd say you'd look put together in the airport and amp up your jeans a little if you chose to wear them flying, but if you packed them, you'd take up no space in your bag, and have more room for the purses, shoes, candy, makeup and hair stuff you bought while you were away.  What? You don't go on trips and shop like a fiend?

I keep lapping these and hopefully soon I will actually press "ADD TO TOTE" and complete the checkout process so that I can inform you all that I am slightly less of a schlub.

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