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Wednesday Wow::: The Glitter Guide's Top 10 Featured Offices

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I am a sucker for a gorgeous work space.  Is that image above not just incredibly drool-worthy???

There's something seriously inspiring about a well-designed desktop and fun office supplies, and it just makes you want to sit there and get shit done!  I am often sitting at my desk scouring blogs, Google Images, Houzz, Pinterest, etc, looking for (snooping into) great shots of offices and home work spaces, especially of other bloggers, other designers, and other people I admire. For example, Jenna Lyons, anyone?  Her office is the image above, and here's a link to the Fast Company/Sam Rohn Panorama of her office at J.Crew

So when a respected blog/online magazine/lifestyle supernova started by the amazing Taylor Sterling, gathers some of the greatest she and her girls have seen and puts them together in one place, this Top 10 over on the The Glitter Guide, I get a little over-excited. I might have actually squealed in real life when I saw this go up. 

Here are my two favorites from the Top 10, in no particular order. The first link (their name), is a link to their feature on The Glitter Guide. The second, where the blog is listed, is a link to their blog for you to check out.

Bradley, of Luella&June:::  What I love most about Bradley's office is the bright color palette on a crisp white background, and how well organized it is.  No clutter!

Photo Credit: Kelsey Foster for the Glitter Guide

My other favorite office is that of Monika, from The Doctor's Closet:::  What I adore about Monika's office is the chic black and white with little pops of gold and color, and ZERO clutter. I have no idea how she is so organized and maintains such a minimalist office but clearly I need to hire her as a life guru!   I love the floating shelves, as well. If only my walls could handle anything on them without crumbling to dust...I would kill for some floating shelves.

Photo Credit:  Ellen Ho of Hong Photography for The Glitter Guide

I am working on a "weekly workspace" series, although I know it's been done before, I am hoping for a slightly different take on it. But I will admit, I am a voyeur about that kind of stuff, so hopefully I am not alone, and you will forgive me if I just start showing you beautiful offices and telling you why I love them, and if I can get any info into the accessories shown, perhaps share the way to obtain them or something similar. 

Any favorites you'd like to share? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below! 

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