Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tech Time::: Nest Thermostat

This little gizmo, the Nest Thermostat, looks fascinating, and like it would fit in well in a home by Novogratz.  It's a thermostat that will monitor your patterns and adjust to your living accordingly, and is controllable through your smartphone.  My husband and I have both been intrigued by this item for months, after seeing it around the net for a while, and on "I Want That" on DIY Network. We are both trying to justify it to ourselves, even though our current relatively new (6 years old?) thermostat works perfectly fine, and has actually saved us substantially since we installed it not long after moving in.

Photo Credit: Nest.com and ZDNet.com

The biggest appeal to my husband is the energy savings and the ability to actually see your patterns and adjust them. He works from home most of the time, so he would be the biggest beneficiary, I think. The appeal to me is that this gadget learns your schedules and adjusts itself accordingly, vs setting a schedule in advance that may or may not work depending on your day...or daylight savings time. It also pays attention to your filters and alerts you to when they need replacement, which our current thermostat is supposed to do, but has pretty much just flashed "filter" since installation and I have relied on a reminder from Google Calendar instead since. 

The price is really reasonable at $249, and you can get it online through the Nest site, or from Apple, Best Buy or Lowes, and I have seen it on a few other online outlets.  I would be curious to see how much more we might save relative to our current thermostat, if we convince ourselves to go for it. I would think this might work out in "cost per use" pretty quickly if our energy bills go down substantially.

If you have one of these amazing little things, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below! 

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