Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I am *LOVING* Right Now!

1:::  L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and "Color Glow" Oil ::: I picked these up on a whim one day when I was getting new bottles of my daily drivers, the Vitamino Color Shampoo and Conditioner, and was met with a wall of this amazing smelling "liquid gold".  I am loving the way my hair  feels after using it, even though I have yet to actually use anything but the oil straight up. I actually mix the Mythic Oil Shampoo and Conditioner half and half in my hand with the Vitamino since my hair is super fine and I am terrified of buildup and weight, and this makes my hair shimmer, even if I skip the oil.

2::: Poppin!  ::: Have I harped on that one too much? I friggin love this stuff!  I go on that site probably twice a day... I need to start giving it as gifts, I think. I have no idea how well it would be received, though I cannot imagine anyone not loving a cute set of office supplies.  I almost want to buy another set of tape and stapler for my desk at work and retire my red Swingline stapler. Yea, I said it. But what color would I get for work...*hmmm* Maybe Orange, to change it up?

3::: Jonathan Adler Worth Ave Throw Pillows ::: I love the Missoni-like stripes and the bright colors. I think they'd be great on my desk chair in my home office, and probably equally awesome on the couches in my living room, despite not ever using throw pillows! 

4::: Jonathan Adler Chippendale Chairs ::: Make me think of Blanche's kitchen chairs (I am totally obsessed with both the chairs and the Golden Girls), except ten times more glamorous. I can't decide between black and white.  

5::: Megan's AMAZING Wedding Photos ::: Blogger Megan, aka StyleMeSwanky, has some of the most gorgeous wedding images I have ever seen! I linked to the Ceremony images, but she has several other selections shown. I got chills viewing these! You can actually feel the emotion her husband is feeling, and you can truly see how happy and in love they are. That's not only a testament to their relationship, but speaks to the quality of the (absolutely top-notch) photographer.   Photo Credit: Marni Rothschild

6::: The Magic Bullet Blender :::  Probably strange among the other listed items, but I picked one of these up last week to replace my dying knockoff. I use it right now just to make my little morning Medifast shake, but it looks like there are LOTS of things I can make with it...soups and mousse for starters. Things I never would think of to make in a little blender.  I might have to give this Cream of Baked "Potato" Soup a try. 

7::: WANT LES ESSENTIELS DE LA VIE O'Hare Tote in Navy Canvas  ::: I saw this shown in Lucky Magazine a few months back and I have been on the prowl for it since. A Navy Canvas variant would be to die for, I think.  It's the perfect ratio of preppy and utilitarian, while the color is chic and still neutral enough to go with everything. 

(I fixed the image, my apologies!)

Photo Credits: L'Oreal, Me,, Marni Rothschild,,

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  1. That bag is off the scale. I want it so much!!!

  2. Is it not fabulous?! I am trying to rationalize it to myself!

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