Monday, June 10, 2013

Must Have::: TRUFFLE Clarity Pouches

About a year ago, I read about Truffle on both Luella&June and A Piece of Toast, and all three ladies (Bradley, Sally and Molly, respectively) were quite in love with these amazing pouches.  I even messaged the lovely Bradley to inquire about her experiences travelling with the pouches and if she'd have any issues with TSA in regards to it (she hadn't.)  

Not long after, I snapped up a No. 1 Clarity Pouch in Peacock, and I have used it several times now since for various trips and overnights.   I have followed the company on Facebook as well and was pleased to learn of a few great new colors available, including a great neon green, which, of course, I now want.

They also make a Petite Clarity, which promises to be TSA-compliant for your liquids bag in your carry on.   Confession: I've used my regular No. 1 Clarity just fine for such things...I put all my little-bitties into their own snack sized ziplocs and then into the Clarity pouch, and mind you, it's only been 3 times now, but not one time have I been given any trouble for it. In fact, one TSA agent asked where I got it and I wrote the website info down for her! 

The pouches are of amazing quality, and you can see everything in them clearly. They're workhorses, and if you travel frequently, the cost per use will work out perfectly.  Keep an eye out for codes, as they have them a few times a year.  Hopefully someday I will be a big enough name to bring one to you myself!

And I just saw on their Facebook page, AND on their site, ALL Classic and Grand Clarity Pouches are 30% OFF!  Use code "SUMMERFUN" at Checkout.  Ohhh...Grand Clarity Pouch HERE I COME! 

Photo Credits:, Truffle's Facebook Page, Ame Dickey (ME!) 

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