Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trend Worth Trying::: "The Lob" a la Julianne Hough

File this under "things I never thought I'd say or want to do".  

Normally I *hate* anything even resembling short hair, downright despise it, in fact, but when I saw Julianne Hough's cute crop, or even Jennifer Aniston's pre-grow-out, it really caught my eye, and made me think "hmm, I really think I could do that," despite every previous attempt at similar styles making me regret the day I was born. 

I have had the same hair cut for the last, probably, 5 years now, which is the "Jennifer Aniston" long and layered, super smooth 'do shown above. It's served me well, and I like it a lot. I don't vary from that at all, micro-managing anyone who comes near me with scissors.  But for some reason I cannot explain, I have had this "life goal" to get it Kim Kardashian length, and have it past my boobs. I have no idea why I have this aspiration, but I haven't had it that long in so many years that it seemed like an attainable goal, and I just love the look of long, lush hair.  I know that she probably wears extensions and I am insane, but the look of it is what appeals to me, not the reality.

However, I do so much with color/highlights to keep it this crazy copper red that I can't seem to keep my hair in actual excellent shape through and through, merely just the illusion of it. Besides the extensive color work, it's super fine, and it just looks rough at the ends once I seem to get it closer to that goal length.  I take really good care of my hair, despite the coloring.  I get regular trims and I am a conditioning freak.  My shower and bathroom closet look like a beauty supply warehouse with the amount of products piled around every corner (drives the husband insane!) This kind of cut could help get it back into shape again, and cut off any of the really fried stuff, but would defeat the purpose of the whole "Krazy Kardashian" goal.

Now, I am not saying I'll go through with it, and I certainly don't want to lop all of my hair off just yet, at least not until I've shed a few more pounds and I have found my cheekbones and jawline again, but the more I see of it, the more I just love it and think it would be insanely flattering, much more than my current look. And dare I say more professional than super-Kardashian-locks?  Then again, I talk myself out of anything more than 2" or a cleanup anytime I am in the chair.  But think of the amount of haircolor I'll save each time... 

Anyone else have this sudden desire to get scissor happy? 

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