Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I probably should stay off of Kickstarter...

I am seriously addicted to Kickstarter. It's becoming an issue. I have an Amazon account strictly to pay for the items I back on there!  

I seem to have a tendency to be on a mission for the latest little iPhone gadget, a stand of some kind, an alert bracelet of some kind--something that flashes when you get a message so you can keep your phone in your purse and know if you got a text without checking (if it was not so bulky...), a little contraption to set your phone up in to use a scanning app without having to contort yourself to hold it still...It works on more than just iPhones, it works on a few Android models too, though I believe the app for both variants of the "clap to snap" are still in development, with the iOS variant to come out first.  

My latest obsession is this little thing called KeyProp, which comes with a "clap to snap" app. 

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I saw it I think on Engadget or CNET or BGR one day and immediately rushed to fund. It closes on Saturday June 1 I think, and it's almost funded. The KeyProp itself is cool, but the app is almost the seller to me. I am dying to see this little gizmo come to fruition!

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Here is the video from their Kickstarter Campaign:

Is that not totally rad?

If you are at all interested, now is the time. It looks like they are like $1,700 or so from the goal, and it ends in, as of now about 61 hours!

UPDATED 5/30/13--It's funded! Woohoo!!!

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