Tuesday, May 28, 2013


So besides doing a blog cleanup and overhaul, I am doing a house cleanout and overhaul. We've had some water problems in the basement again, and therefore the basement is generally not usable. So anything that is not in a plastic container, or set up off the floor, gone! What we knew needed to be brought upstairs, I packed into new containers and moved up to the living room. Which means we now have our living room, dining room and my office overrun with...stuff.

I'd like to just blame the basement, but it's more than that. I think we're hoarders! We're packrats!  I am bad, I know I am. I stockpile stuff I love. I love Navy Converse slip ons, so when I find the men's no-fray, I buy them in my size en masse.  Plus the two pair of blue dot Marrimekko pairs I got--Hello Spring!. Plus Uggs (*shame*), Frye's I seem to never wear, and some Cole Haan Flats that deserve more wears. And...don't shun me, fashion gurus...CROC FLATS. They're not THAT hideous. Most people--even my most fashion forward friends--have begged to know where they are from! They're great for walking. There I said it.

But my biggest issue is really my leftover invite supplies. I overbuy in a lot of cases just in case of an issue arising later--damage to an order after delivery (I had a couple accidently spill a glass of soda on a pile of addressed invites and require a redo on some, for example).  What I cannot return I keep on hand for samples later, or for in the event the couple would like extras, or a small job for someone else.  I only over-order what I know I cannot get later -- as in special one-of-a-kind papers and try to wait til the last minute I can to order at this point just to prevent super overages. That has helped enough that my supply closet is just on the three shelves again and NOT in boxes.

Now that that is in order...it's just the other stuff: sentimental stuff, and "other". And the bathroom closet, since I am clearly a product whore.   So hopefully I keep this all up. This is the summer of "getting my shit together and in it's rightful place!"  My Discover card is already melting and the Container Store employees know me by name, and probably all run to the door when they see me pull in and park because they know itll be an adventure requiring multiple carts!

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