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Must Do ::: Tracy Anderson Method

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I am a fan of House*Tweaking, and a pretty regular reader, gawking and envying their incredible work on their home. See, over there on the right? Dana's fantastic blog is in my blogroll.

A couple weeks ago she posted a ridiculously thorough post about her home workout and it was a serious boon of inspiration for me. Like, instantly. Dana has been doing DVD workouts from Tracy Anderson's vast collection.  

Yea, that Tracy Anderson, the one that kicks the ass of Gwyneth, Madonna, Kim Kardashian West and countless other celebrities with bangin' bodies. I am a big of a fangirl of hers, following along on her Twitter and her Facebook page, and stalking her on Instagram.  I've viewed snippets of her videos online, usually passing out from exhaustion just from watching them, let alone attempting to actually do the workout.  Her energy is pretty electrifying. And her body? Insane. Enviable.

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But Tracy Anderson doesn't have time for whining and inactivity and the lazy bullshit I am the absolute queen of. She'd probably seriously kick my ass if I had the luxury of being in the same geographic location as her to attend her studio.  As you've read my whining about now (you're probably sick of it!) for weeks, months, and over a year, if I am being totally open and honest with myself: I am overweight, and in a bad way about it.  

By bad way, I mean my confidence is back at rock bottom, my health is kind of meh, and at recent checkup appointments, which somehow managed to all be in a freakin' week, day after day I was told by each doctor that I needed to lose "significant amounts of weight, and figure out how to keep it off this time."  (Sidebar: what in the hell was I thinking doing that? Oh right, I was taking the first-thing-or-last-thing-in-the-morning appointments and not really looking at my Fantastical app to confirm my availability at all and just saying "perfect!" when I heard the right time.) I might look and feel gross, but at least my hair looks awesome. 

As you've read here, on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, I've been doing meals for the last few weeks from Athlete Eats (though, admittedly, I mostly eat those meals for breakfasts and lunches over the course of a week, and a couple for dinner that I've split with my husband and had with a salad), but after those rousing pep talks from the doctors, and after reading Dana's post, I ordered the Tracy Anderson Method for Beginners about a week ago, and it should be here today or any day now.

I've read that it's tough, but a good start for anyone trying to figure it all out, and with two half-hour workouts on the DVD, with very clear instruction, I think I should do ok. Or I'll die. Yknow, either way.  I know that the Mat Workout and Precision Toning Workout...well, that shit is hard. But I ordered them anyway and hopefully I will be able to make it through more than 5 minutes!  I won't be trying them for a little while though. 

In general, I have been trying to transition to, and at least stick to, 80/20 Paleo/Primal/Whatever-The-Current-Name-Is for the last few weeks, and despite literally breaking down in tears a few times because I "couldn't have sugar", as ridiculous as that sounds, I am trying so hard to turn that corner. Most days I do really well, and I'd say probably more along the lines of 90/10.  But the "idle time" between meals means that instead of actually accomplishing things, all I do is think about when I can eat again. And what I will have. And what I cannot have.  But whatever it is I am doing, it's working. I was down 5 by middle of last week. I haven't weighed since but I have to assume I am down a little more by now, or at least holding steady. I know part of that is probably the volume of intake in general being different.

I had a family event yesterday at which there was nothing remotely on paleo served. I did my best, and I will say I paid for it later that evening in terms of epic heartburn. So my body knows already that bread and sugar don't play nice. It's actually making sense to me, since I've noticed for a while now, long before this transition, that something I was eating was really fighting with me and my reflux meds were not doing enough to help. I am convinced it was just carbs in general.

I am trying to look at this as a lifestyle, though there will have to be occasions where I eat that Juicy Lucy (like next month) and have candy or cakes (like next month, or this weekend) or I will never be able to maintain this lifestyle change.  I've been reading sites like Balanced Bites and Nom Nom Paleo and Slim Palate to get some ideas on "what I can eat" and how to make new things that sound awesome. I have also ordered some items from Urban Remedy, to see how those work.  And I know part of this lifestyle is going to be "doing physical activity." And as much as I despise sweating, I guess I need to learn to tolerate it. 

I think Tracy's gonna kick my ass...I better learn to love it!

Anyone else do the Tracy Anderson Method? Which is your favorite? 

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  1. You can do it! I couldn't make it through the TA workouts at first. It takes time, patience, hard work and persistence. But the feeling you get after finishing an entire workout without dropping an arm or leg? Totally worth it.

    I try not to focus on how my body looks or how much it weighs. I focus instead on how it feels. It feels strong and healthy now. Best of luck! xo

    1. Great way to look at it, so much inspiration from you! Thank you! I always thought of myself as strong, but I have a suspicion that's a delusion. Though I typically view sweating in general as the single worst thing that can happen to me besides dying, I hate it that much. Dramatic! I am going to start testing these suckers out this weekend! I feel like she's staring at me calling me names while those sit on my desk. hah!

      Thank you SO MUCH for checking out my blog!


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