Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tech Time ::: Google Voice Transcription Fail

Photo by {accordingtoame}

I am still pretty sold on Google Voice, after my intro review last year. It's been a great move for me to incorporate that into my businesses and really, in general, into my life. One of those reasons I still love it is the transcriptions of voicemail when I miss a call and a message is left.

However...like I said in the review, it's not always an accurate representation of the message that was left. And today's post is really just to share this HILARIOUSLY awful Google Voice transcription of a voicemail. 

I am in the process of fulfilling some orders and working on the Wordpress transition for the blog. But this transcription has been making me literally laugh out loud since I got it last week so I felt it had to be shared. 

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