Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wedding Wednesday ::: Lessons from a Wife of 9 Years

All photos by Cary Klein Photography

Somehow 9 years has managed to go by since my wedding day.  It's been an adventure, but at least I have a best friend to experience all the ups and downs of life with. 

As my brother prepares for his own wedding later this year, I am working on a little advice to share with him and his future wife.  That got me thinking about the "life lessons" I've learned over the last 9 years, plus a few tidbits of wedding planning advice to share with the world :::

1 ::: Actually sit down and do your wedding album after you get your proofs. At least within the first 5 years. I still haven't done that.  Yes, I know it's been 9 years.  I even told the photographers a few years ago, hey maybe you need to lay this thing out for me. What waiting 9 years (and more since I still have not done it...) has done for me though? I've really gotten it down to the photos I really love, reminisce about when all my living grandparents were there, and still all doing well, and I get to relive that awesome moment when I fell in the door during my "grand entrance." Oh, yea, free unnumbered piece of advice I lumped in here: don't fall in the door during your "grand entrance." It's funny as hell, and expected when you have no capability of actually walking like a normal human, but it's still mortifying. 

2 ::: Make sure everyone in the bridal party knows who is in charge of getting your significant other to the ceremony site. And make sure everyone has their damn cellphones on them and turned on. Just, yknow, from experience. 

3 ::: Get a limo bigger than you think you need. Just do. You don't want anyone sitting on the floor. 

4 ::: Learn how to communicate. Everyone's "language" is different, but you need to figure out how to translate that between the two of you. I am the world's shittiest communicator and he's had an absolute nightmare translating my language for the last decade plus.  My future sister-in-law and my husband can make little jokes and commiserate about how atrocious my brother and me are at our "language", but it's only funny because it's totally true. Be able to laugh at yourselves and each other without taking it personally. Maybe it's not funny now, but it will be someday.

5 ::: Learn how to not hold grudges or be resentful, and fully trust each other. See number 5. You're going to annoy the shit out of each other. You signed up for that. You just have to learn to navigate those waters and figure out a way to find the endearing quality in each annoying trait. Believe me, there really is a shred of cuteness in there somewhere. Even when it really is the most annoying thing ever. Like tickling. Tickling is the most annoying.

6 ::: Coming home from work to a loving and comforting hug is seriously the best thing. And your partner is seriously the best hugger ever. 

7 ::: The romance is in the mundane stuff. If I come home to see the dishes done and the trash collected and taken out, that is some love right there.  

8 ::: You will weather the highest highs and the lowest lows. Never forget that, no matter what, you are on the same team. You don't always have to agree, but you always have each other's backs. 

9 ::: Life goes by in a flash, and it can all end in an instant. Never go to bed angry, and always remind each other that you love each other. And really, truly mean it.

Happy Anniversary Babe!  

I am gonna take the next few days off and give myself a long weekend.

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