Monday, July 7, 2014

Must Have ::: Nordstrom Anniversary 2014 ShortList

I don't know why I am such a madwoman about this sale every year...but I am.  I am already foaming at the mouth over a select few items in this year's pre-select catalog for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. 

My appointments are lined up, and my short list of items is already pulled by my sales associates at each local store, now I just await the sales going live online for the fever to hit me. I have my alarm set for 2am to do a quick preshop online. 

I don't have a long list from the catalog, and so far my clothing list is super short, on purpose, but I say that every single year, because every single year I am trying to be skinnier and not overbuy clothing in hopes I won't be wearing it long. And every single year I am barely fitting into it in the wrong direction by the end of the season. I hope this year I am actually the other direction.

The first thing that I planned to purchase this year was a new Alien Laser Deathray Gun since mine is about 2 years old, and it still works okish but I would like more speed options and a better charging situation than having to set it on a paper towel on the back of the toilet... Glamourtimes.  

I was hoping for an Aria to be in the sale, and unless one shows up in the tents or online the day of pre-select, I am likely going for the Plus. It's not a "super deal" or anything, but the return policy at Nordstrom beats Sephora or QVC by a mile, so that's the primary catalyst for buying there. If anything goes wrong or it dies before too long, I can return it there without an issue. I do wish it came in that super snazzy chevron print though! LOVE that!

I also have my eye on the La Mer set, since my jar of La Mer is a few years old and still barely dented. I found myself using the Soft Cream more, because it spreads so much better on my skin and I still feel that the same beneficial results apply, just with a better texture. And the Regenerating Serum is divine. I don't use it a lot, so this smaller size is more manageable for me.

The only clothing item that grabbed me besides a pajama-esque wrap, was a men's Ted Baker sweater. I just love it. I wish it was navy or eggplant, but that doesn't stop me from loving it. It looks so cozy. 

And then...the boots. I love these low Fryes on the bottom left. What is it with me and boots? I barely wear them! I wear Converse, like, constantly. And yet, I am drawn to these boots. 

I am sure when I get online and into the tents I will have a total self-control implosion and all my wires and diodes will melt and you will hear all about my credit card exploits...But until then...I am trying to have some self-control, some resolve. Yea right.

What's on your list for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

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