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Photos:  Urban Remedy, Ikea, Nordstrom, Tatcha, Honest, WetBrush

1-6 ::: (See what I did there. I kill me!) I discovered Urban Remedy a few weeks back, after seeing a post on Sonia Kashuk's Instagram, as she's friends with partner Cindy Crawford. After poking around on the website and seeing the offerings, I immediately placed an order, annoyingly just missing a pretty rad coupon code. Dammit!   

Being that you've read a few posts now about my attempts to go Paleo/Primal/Whatever, I was definitely digging into the a la carte section to pick and choose some options that were more ideal for that particular way of living.  I selected an array of nut milks, snacks and lunch/dinners that sounded perfect and they were overnighted (requirement due to perishability) to me the next day.   I've since eaten just about everything I ordered and have a review in the works.  

Spoiler alert! I'll be ordering more stuff, though not all of the stuff I got was on my love-list, there were several items that I absolutely will be reordering, and the nut milks are absolutely on that list, along with two of the most amazing snacks and meals.  At the time of my order, not all of the nutritionals were available, but I figured they were organic and natural and that's really along the lines of the plan, so I did not sweat it.  Now that I've seen some of the nutritionals on a few products, I will just moderate the consumption next time around, just to keep the carbs in check. 

7 ::: The Ikea Fabrikor glass cabinet has been a bit of a lust list item for a while now, probably a year or so since I saw it in the catalog.  I keep trying to figure out where I will use it in the house, and am super hopeful it sticks around for a while, so that when the basement is done, and my living room and dining room are back to vacant rooms again, I can get a couple, likely the awesome aqua color, for use as "china cabinets" for our "nice dishes we never touch." I can see them flanking a window right now... I've also got designs on the black/gray one for a linen closet though it would get tucked away in an actual closet, which makes it kind of lame to spend that kinda cash on...Oh how I love it, though!

8 ::: I was poking around on Nordstrom's site and found the Fishs Eddy Nut Bowls in the Nordstrom Pop-In section, which I'd never really dug into much before. I had been looking around in Anthro at something similar just a few weeks before, and debated just getting a boring white set at Bed Bath and Beyond, just to get a small set of bowls.  The size of these is the important part. I needed something tiny that would work for portion control for things like almond butter, and nuts, and spices.  We have no tiny dishes like this, and when I saw the size I found a winner, plus they're in fun colors.  

I have been thinking about painting all our walls (well, we only have two rooms painted...) white, probably that Suede Ralph Lauren stuff in a white color because the texture works so well on our crappy plaster, and using fun pops of color from accessories as the color so that when I get sick of something it's a "cheaper" fix in terms of replacement and not having to repaint. Probably totally unoriginal since all the home decor sites and mags are all about white and color popping accessories, that's one "trend" I don't mind following.

9 ::: Sabrina at The Beauty Lookbook has been mentioning her love of Tatcha Skincare products lately, along with some pretty great reviews, and while she has not yet reviewed the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, I am a sucker for a mist these days.  They had a fantastically generous gift with purchase last week which included the mist, some of their original beauty papers, and a mask or two, so I took advantage. 

I ordered myself a mist (you know me and my hoarding!), and travel sizes of the Luminous Hydrating Serum and the Radiant Brightening Serum.  All three have a hefty dose of this line's "magic ingredient" of Red Algae, which came from a recipe book of old Geisha skincare tricks.

I have only been using them for a few days, and sparingly so that I can work them in without freaking my face out, but so far, fingers crossed, so good.  They feel very nice on the skin (especially the mist!) and the packaging and presentation of the order is absolutely luxurious. Commensurate with the pricepoint, for sure.  I am keeping an eye on this line's stock at QVC as well, not that the order directly from them wasn't absolutely flawless, but because QVC gets some killer deals going, and I would be curious to see what they bring out.  Reviews to come!

10 ::: One of my newest discoveries is the Wet Brush. I can't take full credit for this, because at a recent trim, the lovely stylist slid one through my rat's nest with the greatest of ease.  I stared back at her in the mirror in shock and asked a lot of questions about that brush she just used.   

First of all, I don't typically use a brush. I own a Tangle Teezer which has kicked ass at the nape-of-neck knot situation. But otherwise, wide tooth comb is all I use. This thing though...this has unseated the Tangle Teezer.  Somehow the bristles get through without snagging or tearing or snapping. It comes in several sizes, but even the normal size is so reasonably priced (under $10!) and widely available. Most Targets, Ultas and the like have them now! 

11 ::: I have tried several lip balms lately, and my latest favorite is that from Honest.  Considering how in love with the line of products I am, that should surprise no one.  They come three to a pack, with a "purely simple", a "lavender mind" and a "sweet orange vanilla," the last of which is the same scent as their shampoo/body wash as well as the spray conditioner. And it's heavenly.  I've been using the Marc Jacobs and EOS balms off and on for a while, but this is the first one that I've regularly used, felt like I could comfortably carry in my purse or pocket without taking too much space up, and felt like my lips were moisturized without constant reapplications. I do still love the Marc Jacobs, but paying just shy of $30 for one lip balm is pushing it, even for me. 

I have seen this trio not only at Honest's website, but at Target, and select Whole Foods and Nordstrom stores. Yay for the local pickup options!  

Not shown ::: Progress on the new site! I've seen drafts of the layout and design, and I am really excited about you guys seeing it soon. I am working out whether or not to monetize, as well, which is something I've avoided up until now.  Still batting that around.

What's catching your eye lately?

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